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AfricaMoney | October 19, 2017

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A new SWAN takes flight in Mauritius with aim to protect

A new SWAN takes flight in Mauritius with aim to protect, provide, progress &prosper

Mauritius insurance majors Swan Insurance Company Limited and Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Limited have undergone a rebranding exercise to reflect the SWAN brand name rechristening themselves Swan General Ltd and Swan Life Ltd respectively with the common mission to protect, provide, progress and prosper in the island insurance space.(Image: Company)

Mauritian insurance majors Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Limited and Swan Insurance Company Limited have re-engineered their strategy around four cardinal points at the heart of Swan’s business —to Protect, to Provide, to Progress and to Prosper – to become the Swan Life Ltd and the Swan General Ltd respectively from 30 April 2015 onwards.

The company’s origins date back 160 years with Mauritius Fire Insurance Company Ltd renowned across the island economy for its two main subsidiaries, namely the Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Limited and Swan Insurance Company Limited.

The entity has showcased its resilient, against both natural disasters and market shocks, and with innovative products and best-in-class processes, Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Limited and Swan Insurance Company Limited have rebranded themselves to become SWAN.

SWAN management states that, for the average consumer, a state-of-the-art 3D LED television set, a powerful car, or an exotic journey are much more attractive than ‘boring’insurance or a daunting investment. The reality is that short-lived pleasures overshadowthe concept of a sustainable yet abstracthappiness, SWAN concludes.

On the other hand, SWAN ensures that consumers meet their needs first and foremost, by ensuring protection against life’s contingencies, guaranteeing the progress of the individual and his family, and extending such protection to the country as a whole.

SWAN operates mainly in the financial services sector and its activities include general insurance, long-term insurance, trading of financial listed instruments, distribution of financial products, management of investments, management of collective investments, administration of pension plans and financing of assets.


The SWAN group has evolved with time, getting bigger and better.Today, it is necessary to revise the group’sextended operations,given the profound changes at a socioeconomic level where a necessary synergy must be established between the various services offered by the group.This thought processhas given rise to the unification of the group entitiesunder the overarching SWAN brandname, explained Louis Rivalland, Group Chief Executive of SWAN.

To find this simple, strong and unifying identity, a market analysis exercise was undertaken in January 2014 with the support of Luxury Branding (an agency of London of luxury international brand which offers consultation, creative and communication services for premium brands worldwide) around four central themes: Who are we? What do we do ? How do we do it? Where do we go from here? And, anotheroverarching question, which followed from the previous four: What benefit are we bringing to the others with what we do? The answers to these key questions guided the company towards a new vision: To be the preferred financial solutions provider to collaborate with customers for life.

Accordingly, ‘To Protect, Provide, to Progress and to Prosper’emergedas the mission of the group, ensuring Mauritians a better future by providing them with the requisite insurance products and services, powered bythe performance and passion of key resources of the group,noted the Group CEO.

“It is our unifying idea. It is the new SWAN,” declaredLouis Rivallandproudly, before adding: “Our employees also underwent a training course in customer service— the ‘UP Your Service’module by Ron Kaufman—spread over the course of several months.Each of them has thus been trained to accompany customers in the most important moments of their life.”

“Our expertise, our professionalism, and the quality of services we offer, are integral elements that are very important for us at SWAN because we know that they bring peace of spirit and greater freedom of mind to our customers,” concluded Louis Rivalland.

Therefore, under this new identity of SWAN, Swan Insurance Company Limited and Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Limited have become Swan General Ltd and Swan Life Ltd respectively. Also, Anglo-Mauritius Investment Managers Limited has become Swan Wealth Managers Ltd, Pension Consultants and Administrators Ltd has become Swan Pensions Ltd, and Anglo-Mauritius Stockbrokers Ltd has become Swan Securities Ltd.

Finally, it may be noted that this change of name in no way changes the terms and conditions of insurance contracts for existing customers, and existing advantages offered under insurance policies will continue to be guaranteed by the rebranded entities.

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