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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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ABC launches Quikfix Express Service at Shell in Ebene to complement Vivo

ABC launches Quikfix Express Service at Shell in Ebene to complement Vivo

ABC Automobile has launched the Quikfix Express Service at Shell in Ebene to strengthen its partnership with Vivo Energy Mauritius and to position itself as a complementary service to the fuel retail major with the concept of proposing a credible and professional alternative to vehicle owners in the region, irrespective of the vehicle brand and budget.(Image: Company)

Vivo Energy Mauritius and ABC Automobile have strengthened their partnership to position themselves as complimentary services for vehicle owners.

A few months after the inauguration of an express automobile maintenance point in Floreal, it is now Ebene that sees the second gas station of Shell gain the services of Quikfix Express.

Thanks to the expertise of the ABC Group in repair and vehicle maintenance, the Shell gas station at Ebene will now cater for a wide range of services, rendering it a more attractive proposition for vehicle owners.

The Quikfix Service Centre was created in 2001 and has evolved since as one of the main clusters of ABC.

“We aim to offer a credible and professional alternative to motorists of the region irrespective of the vehicle brand and budget,” explained Alain Ng,  Chief Manager at Quikfix.

The aim is to democratise the access of Mauritian motorists to quality services for vehicle maintenance.

In 2013, in an attempt to serve customers better, Quikfix lauched the concept of “Quikfix Express Service” with its first unit in Caudan. This speedy service offers numerous convenience-oriented services: repair, general servicing, diagnosis, replacement of battery, as well as tyre replacement, wheel alignment and fleet management services, among many others.

In August 2014, in association with Vivo Energy Mauritius, Quikfix expanded  its activities by opening the second unit of Quikfix Express Service in the Floreal gas station.

“After the grand success of this venture, the setting-up of a new Quikfix Express Centre at the Shell gas station at Ebène demonstrates the will of our company to innovate and be more accessible to our customers,” highlighted Alain Ng.

This initiative indeed aims at offering motorists convenient access to vehicle maintenance services, especially targeted at vehicle owners working or living in the regions of Ebene, Beau Bassin, Rose Hill and St Pierre.

“This offer is in line with our vision of a customer service adapted to a sophisticated customer base,” noted  Kiran Juwaheer, Managing Director at Vivo Energy Mauritius.

Vivo, a leader in the local market in the distribution of petroleum and gas products, pursues its ambitious expansion plan for its gas stations to offer solutions aiming at optimisation of customer convenience and comfort.

“We strive for excellence in our customer services that are adapted to the needs of a wide cross-section of vehicle owners, because we want every visit in our gas stations to be a valued experience,” adds Kiran Juwaheer.

Vivo Energy Mauritius strives to constantly offer best-in-class products and innovative services, like Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell Unleaded Extra that are more economical and eco-friendly, as well as payment methods for the new generation, such as the new Shell Card, introduced last month.

Finally, ABC Automobile and Vivo Energy Mauritius welcomed this new milestone in their partnership and expressed the wish to exploit their synergies to develop their partnership further to better serve the Mauritian automobile market.

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