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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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CDL Knits wins CIEL Textile Chairman’s Manufacturing Excellence Award 2015

CDL Knits wins CIEL Textile Chairman’s Manufacturing Excellence Award 2015

It was a proud moment for CDL Knits when it was proclaimed the grand winner of the 8th Edition of CIEL Textile Chairman’s Manufacturing Excellence Award 2015. (Image: maurice-info)

The CIEL Textile Chairman’s Manufacturing Excellence Awards have become the definitive word for excellence within the highly successful textiles major, and it was a proud moment for CDL Knits Ltd (formerly known as Consolidated Dyeing and Fabrics Ltd) when it was proclaimed the grand winner of the 8th Edition of CIEL Textile Chairman’s Manufacturing Excellence Award 2015.

It was at a landmark event held under the theme ‘Je suis ene entrepreneur’ — I am an entrepreneur — which took place on Friday, March 13, 2015 at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, that CDL Knits won the top honours in manufacturing within the group.

The other winners of the CIEL Textile Chairman’s Manufacturing Excellence Award 2015 are: Consolidated Fabrics Limited (CFL), winner of the ‘Most Improved Award’ while the ‘Excellence Award’ went to CFL Weaving. Under this category, grand winner CDL Knits also won the ‘Quality Award.’

Ferney Spinning Mills, who was last year’s grand winner, won two awards this year for setting best practices in both raw material sourcing as well as sustainable manufacturing.

Grand winner CDL distinguished itself further by winning prizes for ‘World Class Maintenance’ and ‘Energy Management’; while the ‘Continuous Improvement Kaizen Culture’ award went to CFL Weaving; and finally, CFL won two more awards for implementing a culture of timeliness as well as a culture of innovation and creativity.

Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Ashit Kumar Gungah, who was the chief guest at the award ceremony, said that the 8th edition of the Award aims to promoting the a culture of excellence among all the employees of CIEL Textile Group and “with my experience as a former director of a textile company, I am conscious that it is only with good industrial relation that we can succeed.”

“In one way or another, as employees or employers, as management or workers, in your everyday life, you participate in the development of your country. And, I think you must congratulate yourself for that. I am sure that you will put in more efforts towards bringing Mauritius closer to realising the second economic miracle,” he said.

Furthermore, he noted that in this global environment where enterprises have to face the daunting challenges of competition, it is essential that nurturing excellence gets into the DNA of every business. On this note, he went on to appreciate the efforts of CIEL Textile Group to generate a spirit of dynamism, performance and competitiveness and to promote a culture of excellence.

“At the level of the Government, we are keen to give a fresh boost to the Textile and Clothing Sector as well as the whole manufacturing sector through a review of current fiscal incentives. Equally, an Export Development Plan with focus on an Africa Export Strategy will be elaborated to provide a strong support to the sector to leverage on opportunities in the African markets,” Ashit Kumar Gungah said.

“The development of a Fashion Industry, along with regular fashion shows both in Mauritius and abroad will be promoted by the Government in order to make our products known internationally. Investment in high-value added manufacturing activities will be encouraged through a new investment promotion strategy,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the National Export Strategy, once completed, will be an important instrument that will address the competitive landscape for Mauritian exporters who have witnessed an erosion of their preferential treatment.

Thus, according to the minister, with all these measures in place it expected that the sector will become more productive and competitive.

For his part the Chief Executive Officer of CIEL Textile, Harold Mayer, started by thanking everyone present at the ceremony.

“As I always say, people who work in the textile sector, work for a living, and the commitment all of you have shown over the years is absolutely amazing.”

“Once again, thank you, keep on working with your heart and let us all play our role so that the future is full of promises,” he concluded.
Finally, the Chairman of CIEL Textile, Arnaud Dalais, joined Harold Mayer in thanking everyone for their efforts.

“We recognize that it is not easy to achieve excellence and it is involves hard work being put in by each of us at our own levels,” said Arnaud Dalais.

“We sincerely believe, both at the level of CIEL Textiles and at the level of the CIEL Group at large, that each manager and each leader in the group is an entrepreneur and this is the key to our success,” he concluded.

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