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AfricaMoney | October 16, 2017

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Checking in with robots: Check out the new hotel concierge!

Checking in with robots: Check out the new hotel concierge!

For a tourism-driven economy like Mauritius, it might be high time to take a leaf out of Japans book where new frontiers are being explored for the hospitality industry, courtesy robots checking guests in.

 Mauritius would do well to emulate the example set by Japan and welcome its guests to the island shores with robotic efficiency.

The opening of the Henn-na Hotel in the Japanese city of Sasebo in July with 10 life-like robots as staff and only two flesh-and-blood staff members on the premises, promises to set new standards for the global hospitality industry, and guarantees a mint-fresh experience to world-weary travellers.

With an eerily realistic female face, these robots are designed to speak several languages and respond to guest enquiries in the 72-room hotel with the aim of creating an all-round hi-tech experience, including leveraging on facial recognition software to open doors.

Here’s more from around the world on how the hospitality industry’s face will be changed forever:

Paperless Check-in

GTRIIP, a start-up founded in Singapore that has opened offices in the US, has developed a document less check-in service using the iPhone’s biometric features where guests can securely check in at participating hotel chains using Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology to access the booking details saved on their device.

Digital Door Key

The SPG Keyless app is safer than traditional keys, which lets guests use a smartphone or Apple watch as a digital door key.First up, customers can make reservations using the app, then on the morning of arrival, they simply receive a notification with the details of their room to get going.

Smart Remote Control

Eventually guests will be able to book dinner, order drinks, or make housekeeping requests through their smartphone without ever going near reception. Doesn’t that sound like the best vacation ever?

In a nutshell, the ultimateobjective is that the guest’s mobile device should be their remote control for their entire stay in the hotel.

So, are hospitality providers in Mauritius ready to adopt global best practices and give their guests a truly world-class hospitality experience? Let technology open new doors for your hotel chain!


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