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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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CimpleLife: Mauritius’ CIM gets unique online platform going to ease employees’ routine

CimpleLife: Mauritius’ CIM gets unique online platform going to ease employees’ routine

Mauritian financial services major Cim Group’s internal online platform‘CimpleLife’   —which is aimed at easing its employees daily routine —has seen 60% of its staff register for its services over the past two months, as it truly improves their quality of life, be it at a professional, family or individual level. (Image: Company)

Mauritian financial services major, the Cim Group, in partnership with PLP Africa, launched the ‘CimpleLife’internal online platform for enhancing its employees’quality of life on 11March 2015, a first for Mauritius, and 60% of its employees have already registered on the platform, showcasing a high degree of success.

The concept has been developed after various meetings with the group employees with the aim of offering preferred daily services to the staff, for example: to find a plumber as a matter of urgency, to obtain a visa, to await a delivery, to buy and pack gifts, and to organise a dinner at home, among a long list of other such conveniences.

Thus, simply put, CimpleLife provides Cim employees with an exclusive and custom-made online program, which takes care of everything that a routine life encompasses.

The service is being provided for the past two months and up to now, 60% of Cim employees have already registered on CimpleLife, as the platform truly enhances the well-being of employees by easing their daily tasks.

Recent company statistics reveal that CimpleLife is a resounding success with 455 employees having joined the network, more than 1500 vouchers having been downloaded, and 362 requests being made over CimpleLife, with the platform usage constantly on the rise.

By joining the online platform, members can also benefit from CimpleLife services provided by the Cimple Simon agents, such as Cimple Wellness that proposes activities for physical well-being, Cimply Save that offers discount coupons on several products, CimpleLife Expert that offers legal advice to employees, Cimply Assist for personal assistance, or still, Cimply Express for mailing purposes.

Outstanding success stories of CimpleLife so far have been — allowing a mother to find a paediatrician in the evening to consultfor her unwell child, as well as, allowing an employee to buy a CD player at a competitive price, thanks to skilful negotiations by the concerned Cimple Simon agent.

According to Vanesha Pareemamun, Head of Human Resource at Cim, “CimpleLife is an integral part of our staff commitment initiatives. We believe that such initiatives have the capacity to enhance the quality of life of our employees—be it in their professional, family or individual life.”

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