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AfricaMoney | August 21, 2017

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DCL and Belgian firm bring customer interaction solution to Mauritian BPOs

DCL and Belgian firm bring customer interaction solution to Mauritian BPOs

From left to right: Managing Director of DCL, Ludy Ramalingum, and Chief Executive Officer of Nixxis, Luc Francis Jacobs, at the launch of a Customer Interactions Solutions that is directed towards the BPO sector. (Image: Cecilia Samoisi)

In view of providing the best technologies and services to Mauritian firms in the business outsourcing space, Mauritius-based ICT major Data Communications Ltd (DCL) has partnered with Nixxis, a contact center software publisher based in Belgium, to launch a Customer Interaction Solution.

The launch ceremony was held in the morning today, October 16, 2014, at the L`auberge Dumont restaurant at Ebene in front of managers of various BPO companies that are interested in improving their services.

The new product is in line with DCL’s vision, which is to offer innovative solutions to meet customer needs for new IT solutions and technologies.

The solution is adaptable to all customers, where the multi-channel center transforms the company into a large-scale intelligence center dedicated for customer interaction.

Moreover, the new product proposed by Nixxis offers an edge over others, as even though it has standard functions, it can be accommodated to the business needs so as to respond more effectively and rapidly to the client’s needs.

Compared to other contact center software, the call center agent is able to manage several voices, conversation sessions or e-mails all together without any problem and can freely move from one session to another.

“We are not the only company to propose this kind of service, but what make us unique is that our services are different, and we make a point of providing the best customer services 24/7,” said the Chief Executive Offier of Nixxis, Luc Francis Jacobs.

Furthermore, he said that “companies are motivated to go offshore for price, but they stay offshore because of quality, and that is the main reason we have chosen Mauritius and we already know that this partnership will be for the long run.”

For her part the Managing Director of DCL, Ludy Ramalingum, was very pleased to be launching Nixxis in Mauritius.

According to her, in today’s competitive business world, businesses cannot afford to lose even a single valuable customer acquired through its hard efforts, so it is simply a must for businesses to give their best service at all times and build lasting customer relationships.

This was supported by Luc Jacobs who concluded on the note that “our aim is not only to make profit but also to build lasting customer relationships.”

About Nixxis:

NIXXIS is a leading professional software publisher specialized in call/contact center and customer interaction solutions. The technology adds value to customer relationship and helps the client develop new sources of strategic competitive advantages. The advanced NIXXIS Contact Suite, a visionary and flexible solution, has been designed in anticipation of all future needs of contact centers in terms of customer interactions (phone, email, chat, SMS, social networks). The company has reported that 80% of their customers claim up to 20% increase in productivity and profitability.

About DCL:

Founded in August 1997, DCL is a dynamic company, which provides products and services in the Information and Communication technology (ICT) industry to the public and the private sectors, corporate and individuals.

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