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AfricaMoney | November 5, 2016

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Economic ExpertSpeak: Companies must enhance performance to compete in global village

Economic ExpertSpeak: Companies must enhance performance to compete in global village

Ricky Robinson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LRMG Performance Agency, spoke to AfricaMoney on the importance of companies operating across economic sectors being able to sustain performance in a world which is now a global village with intense competition, where cost effective and efficient solutions matter a lot.(Image:Wazna Gunga)

LRMG Performance Agency, which recently launched in Mauritius, creates performance enablement solutions that help employees to develop skills and capabilities with learning services and management consulting that, in turn, boost their performance.

Edited excerpts from an exclusive interview:

How does LRMG help organizations to improve their performance? What are the main steps to start with?

There are a number of different ways in which performance takes place in an organisation. First, people need to be motivated, aligned, trained and capable. So LRMG enables the individual to create an encouraging work environment that will lead to performance. It is the consulting arm of the company that provides advice and training to create the culture for great performance.

How much importance do productivity and efficiency pose for an economy?

The world is becoming a global village and it is all about capability – whatever ideology you have does not matter anymore but rather you need to be efficient, cost effective and productive to sustain. The products and services a company provides need to be cost effective, which means that people have to perform to compete with the rest of world.

Which sectors require the highest level of efficiency to sustain?

I think that in a modern world where there is enormous competition, efficiency does not relate to a particular sector only, but rather every sector need to be efficient and productive, be it in telecommunications, agriculture or financial services, we are competing against the rest of the world.  Thus we have to do the very best in whatever services or product we are providing.

What are the main productivity tools that LRMG is going to use to help companies in Mauritius?

Initially we are starting with a number of learning tools, which are effective tools enabling people to learn more about the job they are doing and become more productive. It will also enable employees of companies to learn more about technology.

Can we say that technology and performance go hand in hand in today’s technologically advanced world?

We have spent around 18 years in this business and the difference when using technology as a tool for learning today is huge. The difference technology has brought to performance in these 18 years is significant. It is obvious that learning with technological tools is more interesting than sitting in a traditional classroom, making online learning more popular.

For example, online learning allows people to gain requisite skills in their own time, either by following a formal schedule based on their immediate developmental needs or through on-demand access which allows them to gain the learning they need, when the need arises.

From your websites, I came to know that you are present in Capetown, Johannesburg and Kenya. How have you been helping the African continent and what are some key tools you have been using in the process?

We have offices, in addition, in Ghana, Zambia and other African countries as well and we are particularly excited about the office in Mauritius, so once we identify that a territory is ready, we create a small presence and helping businesses to be more competitive. Having 18 years of experience, we know when the territory is ready for our performance enhancement solutions.

- By Wazna Gunga

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