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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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From managers to leaders: Terra launches first Leadership Development Program

From managers to leaders: Terra launches first Leadership Development Program

With the objective of transforming 54 of its managers and team leaders into the best leaders, Mauritian conglomerate Terra launched for the first time the Optimum Leadership Development Program, a training emphasising the importance of leadership within the company, by advocating the abandonment of the “manager’s” notion in favour of that of a “leader”.

Launched on July 29th, 2015, Mauritian sugar major Terra’s Leadership Development Program will last ten months and will be conducted by four approved trainers.

Human resources is essential to any company because it has the critical capacity of value creation. So, within Terra, this initiative is considered a full-fledged investment because it allows the company to evolve.

For Cyril Mayer, Managing Director of Terra,”This Leadership Development Program can only make our managers progress. Indeed, they can better adapt themselves to new practices, to new managerial trends and to new technological breakthroughs while protecting their boundaries of communication and human relations.”

The HR department of the group has defined four modules with the support of participants at focus group discussions: Self-leadership and Mastery, Leading and Influencing others for results, Leading & Influencing others for results, The Leader as a Coach and Resilient Leadership. These four modules form integral parts of a two-day training of which allys theoretical education and application practices. Two coaches will take over between the training courses to assure a follow-up of the objectives of each module.

“It was crucial for a good HR department to understand needs and challenges of every entity and every person in charge. Nowadays, human resources need to be audacious and innovative in their approach and, with the Optimum Leadership Development Program, we are sure to reach our goals,” noted Christopher Park, Group HR manager.

Daniel Mamotte, Processes and Operations Manager at Terragen Ltd thinks that this training will be very beneficial, in particular for the self-discovery process. “Over the long term, this program will help to better understand the personalities and the behavior of others to create an environment of friendlier, productive and efficient work ” declared Daniel.

With this Optimum Leadership Development Program, Terra pursues its Year of Innovation, which aims at highlighting fresh ideas and avant-garde concepts for the development of its subsidiaries.


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