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AfricaMoney | October 16, 2017

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GML FJL Scholarship Scheme helps impoverished students realise dreams

GML FJL Scholarship Scheme helps impoverished students realise dreams

The GML Joseph Lagesse Foundation shows it commitment to vulnerable members of society through the grant of a Scholarship Scheme to a student hailing from a low-income family who possesses the required talents and skills, which will enable the student to pursue studies in a university abroad.(Image:Composite)

To mark the tenth anniversary of the GML Joseph Lagesse Foundation, the charitable firm is offering a scholarship to an overseas university to a Mauritian student aged between 18 and 25 years, and hailing from a low-income family. The student will be  chosen as from the academic year starting September 2015 or January 2016, according to the relevant criteria.

The student will therefore finally be able to realise a dream, which may have seemed inaccessible to begin with.
For ten years, the GML Joseph Lagesse Foundation has dedicated itself to providing support to the most vulnerable members of society in the domains of education, health, environment and community development.

In the educational sector, the GML Joseph Lagesse Foundation provides assistance to small kids across numerous centers.

Through the GML FJL Scholarship Scheme, it now additionally promotes the education of young adults, thus contributing to better preparation for their future, which in turn, can also be beneficial for Mauritians in terms of building a better society for the future.

“Through this scholarship for students for their first university term, which will be offered  every two years, we wish to give talented and motivated students hailing from modest families a chance to succeed in the field of their choice and realize their dreams,” explains Clency Magon, director of the GML Joseph Lagesse Foundation.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are as follows: firstly, the student shall be aged between 18 and 25 years; secondly, he or she should hail from a low-income family; and finally, the student should be a Mauritian citizen and reside in Mauritius as well.

Accordingly, the student shall make a commitment for a study duration of three years, the student shall present the document of acceptance of a foreign university complete and approved for the first term, and finally, the student must be motivated to participate in social activities.

“This scholarship is unique in that the one who receives it can study in a tertiary institution abroad, irrespective of the field of study chosen,” adds Clency Magon.

The Foundation also makes a commitment to accompany the student throughout the university course until the latter obtains a Bachelor degree.

One of the criteria that the Foundation puts forward is the motivation of the student to commit to the community, because this will help the GML foundation’s initiative towards poverty alleviation, which remains one of the key priorities of the GML Joseph Lagesse foundation.

All those interested in winning this scholarship can join up by completing the form on the site and forwarding the same to the following email address:, at the latest by midnight on Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

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