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AfricaMoney | October 20, 2017

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Harel Mallac to set up entrepot in Senegal

Harel Mallac to set up entrepot in Senegal

Mauritius-based Harel Mallac (HM) group is continuing its business expansion policy and they will set up a branch of the company in Senegal towards the end of the year. The new branch that will be set up in Senegal will be involved in the commercialization of chemical products and fertilizers. Harel Mallac group is also eyeing business in either Ethopia or Mozambique.  The HM group will set up an entrepot in Senegal where chemical products and other specialized products will be stocked and which will be exported mainly to Asia. The chemical products will be made available in Senegal and neighbouring countries such as Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Several factors have motivated HM group to set up an entrepot in Senegal as part of its business expansion. Firstly, Senegal is a democracy which has experienced a good rate of economic growth coupled with political, economic and social stability. Secondly, Senegal has a policy of being investment-friendly.

HM group will also discuss the idea of investing in either Ethopia or Mozambique and a feasibility study will be conducted by the company in order to decide on the location. The HM group has an entrepot having a storage capacity of 1,500 tons in Zambia. While the entrepot based in Tanzania has a storage capacity of 2,500 tons for several products.

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