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AfricaMoney | October 19, 2017

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IBL’s BrandActiv donates Bic pens to Mauritian kids at Nicolay govt school

IBL’s BrandActiv donates Bic pens to Mauritian kids at Nicolay govt school

BrandActiv, an IBL group company, has seen overwhelming response to its CSR campaign  “Buy me and Bic will donate a pen”,  allowing the company to raise no less than Rs 523,000. (Image: Company)

Through the campaign “Buy me and Bic will donate a pen” that IBL group company BrandActiv launched on July 24, the company has raised no less than Rs 523,000.

BrandActiv Manager Norbert John and his team have delivered 840 Bic pens to Bu2 students of Nicolay Government School, located in Roche Bois, in the presence of Sadasiven Tirvengadum, president of the institution, and its students.

Norbert John said he was pleased with the overwhelming public response to this campaign: “We would like to thank Mauritians who have joined us in our initiative to support education for all through the campaign ‘Buy me and Bic will donate a pen.’ We were particularly touched by the warm welcome of the students and teachers of the Nicolay Government School. This experience has once again brought home the realization that many children in Mauritius do not have access to basic education for lack of optimal learning materials.”

Sadasiven Tirvengadum, director of the Nicolay Government School, commended BrandActiv for its educational project.

“Here in Roche Bois, many families are struggling to make ends meet. This has an impact on the education of their children, who do not have always have access to school supplies. This is why we are particularly grateful to BrandActiv, which, through this donation, is helping us to improve the chances of these children to succeed through life. We also encourage individuals and companies to engage in such philanthropy, as any donation is welcome in PTA schools.”

Perlue Paroo, a student’s parent, also concurs.

“This is a great initiative that BrandActiv has taken. The gift of a pen may seem minimal, but everyone is not lucky enough to have access to educational materials. The campaign also helped sensitize Mauritians on the difficulties faced by children in PTA schools. I am grateful to the Nicolay Government School which helps us a lot on a regular basis, and also towards BrandActiv, that has reached out to us through this project,” she says.

BrandActiv, Bic brand distributor in Mauritius since 1960, was particularly sensitive to its history and its symbolism. Indeed, the brand, illustrated by a schoolboy with a ball-shaped head, has been investing for several years now to promote education for all, and through multiple campaigns worldwide.

Incidentally, BrandActiv was inspired for this initiative by a similar campaign ‘Choose BIC and Change a Future’ that was launched in 2012 in South Africa.

About BrandActiv:

Launched in 2011, BrandActiv is the result of a merger of IBL Consumer Goods and IBL Frozen Foods.

BrandActiv aims to be the preferred supplier of branded consumer products, by providing Mauritian households with top international and local brands.

About BIC:

Started in 1950, the brand BIC proposes quality products grouped in three main categories: stationery items, lighters and razors.

BIC Cristal, the first ball-point pen launched on the market by BIC, is one of the flagship products of the company.


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