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AfricaMoney | November 7, 2016

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Kenya’s Vision 2030 backs East African Power Industry Convention

Kenya’s Vision 2030 backs East African Power Industry Convention

The East African Power Industry Convention has secured a partnership with the Kenyan government’s Vision 2030, the convention organisers, Spintelligent, announced. Representatives from the Convention and the Kenyan government having met in Nairobi to discuss the prospective partnership, news of Vision 2030 lending its backing to the Convention was revealed last week.

“We are very pleased to partner with the Vision 2030 office in order to highlight opportunities in Kenya.  We firmly believe that Kenya is one of the countries to watch over the next five to ten years.  With an expected average GDP growth of 5 percent, Kenya’s emphasis on growing generation capacity will continue to see a positive impact on the economy,” said Claire Volkwyn, Spintelligent Director for Content and Strategy, announcing the new agreement.

She went on to outline the company’s expectations for Kenya’s power sector for the future, noting in particular that investors will continue to be drawn to Kenya by the geothermal potential offered by the East African country.

“Opportunities in geothermal development are particularly strong in Kenya, and along with the need to continue strengthening transmission and distribution infrastructure, there is on-going investment in energy management and energy efficiency for large industry.  We expect to see these as key areas for the foreseeable future”.

The Convention – which is set to take place in Nairobi between 9th and 12th September of this year – will provide a forum for key stakeholders to meet and discuss the future of energy production in the East Africa region.  It is expected that during the event, strategies and plans will be developed with regard to the financing and investment opportunities in the sector – which is one of the key industry sectors in the region.

One of the Vision 2030 plans is to build a stable and vibrant economy in Kenya by the 2030 deadline, and in order to achieve this the country will have to place more emphasis on ensuring a constant energy source is available across the country in order to fuel economic activity and opportunity.

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