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AfricaMoney | September 22, 2017

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Mauritian PR agency Magna Carta sensitizes public on Mother’s Day

Mauritian PR agency Magna Carta sensitizes public on Mother’s Day

Mauritian PR agency Magna Carta displayed photos and screened a video to sensitise Mauritians on the occasion of Mother’s Day that is celebrated on the island on 31 May 2015, with Project ‘Mama’ for the SOS Children’s Village, which showed the special bond between mother and child. (Image: Company )

Project ‘mama’ is an online project run over social media platforms by PR agency Magna Carta for the SOS  Children’s Village in Mauritius, which aims at paying attribute to mothers and sensitising Mauritians on the occasion of Mother’s Day celebrated on the 31 May 2015 on the island.

Unfortunately, Mother’s Day has become a commercial occasion where sincerity and values are sometimes put aside. Here is where project mama hopes to make a difference by demonstrating the bond between mother and child through a series of photos and a video around the theme.

It ties in perfectly with the remarkable work being done at the SOS Children’s Village, which aims at extending a helping hand to children without parental support by paying tribute to their SOS mothers and also to mothers generally.

Indeed, the SOS Children’s Village in Mauritius needs mothers and sponsors to help operate the village in the best interests of the current children and welcome new children into its fold.

“To do so, we have united our expertise and experiences to bring our forte of communication to this project by Magna Carta. We turned to professionals, in particular the talented photographer Karen Pang for photos, and the speacialised production company, The Prod, for the shooting of the video,” stated Stephane Lamvohee, Head of Projects at Magna Carta.

Photos are displayed online and the video will be available on Sunday, May 31st, on the page of SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius at:

Mauritians are encouraged to visit the page, like and share photos and the video to sensitise the maximum number of people.

Why project ‘mama’ and why the use of social networks? ‘Mama’, because it demonstrates the Mauritian identity of the project, and also because it is usually the first sound a baby makes in its efforts to say mom. Accordingly, the hashtag reads #mama so that Mauritians can write their message on social networks by using #mama.

Further, consumption of information nowadays has radically changed, we are more and more connected, whether it is on online news or over social networks. In Mauritius, the number of Facebook users’ borders 470,000, and Twitter 50,000, which makes it a community that communication majors cannot afford to neglect. Social media helps to convey feelings through the aid of photos and videos that words cannot sometimes do justice to.

Finally the PR agency highlighted that it is important, even essential, for NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to be present on the social networks as many internet users consider that the presence of NGOs on social networks can better mobilise the public for a noble cause.


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