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AfricaMoney | October 16, 2017

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Mauritians to drive more kilometers per liter with Shell Fuel Save Unleaded

Mauritians to drive more kilometers per liter with Shell Fuel Save Unleaded

Vivo Energy Mauritius brings innovation to its gas stations with Shell Fuel Save Unleaded, which is more efficient and reduces energy loss in the engine, placing Mauritius among countries that display concern over the energy economy.(Image: Company)

Three years after introducing Shell FuelSave  Diesel, Vivo Energy Mauritius has democratised the economy  of vehicle fuels with the official launch of Shell FuelSave Unleaded for gasoline engines.

This green inititative by the firm that distributes and markets  fuels and lubricants by global energy major Shell in Mauritius, places the island economy among countries that show due concern over the energy economy.

Shell FuelSave Unleaded is designed to reduce energy loss at the level of the engine. Compared to Shell Unleaded Extra, which has now been replaced across Shell gas stations, Shell FuelSave is endowed with a more effective formula, which acts from the point of first tank refill.

Shell FuelSave Unleaded is our ordinary fuel, just formulated to last longer as it contains active ingredients, specially developed to boost efficiency and take action righ from the start.

Shell FuelSave Unleaded improves the efficiency of your engine so that you can travel a few more kilometers with every fuel refill, and is the fruit of the labour of expert researchers at Shell.

“A clean engine consumes less fuel, and, accordingly, a fuel refill lasts longer. Here, Shell FuelSave Unleaded allows motorists topush the borders of quality and efficiency,” noted the Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius, Kiran Juwaheer.

Besides, he added,”This new product is in the line with the innovations that oil giant Shell has been bringing to dozens of millions of users worldwide, for more than a century.”

Mauritius derives manifold economic and ecological opportunities from the superior-quality fuels that Vivo Energy Mauritius has been consistently providing on the local market for the last ten years.

A live demonstration of Shell FuelSave Unleaded’s efficieny was held in front of various guests gathered for this exciting event. For the purpose of the demo, two drivers aboard cars of the same make and model were invited to proceed, simultaneously and with equal speed, with one of the two conveyances supplied with Shell FuelSave Unleaded.

Most importantly, although Shell FuelSave Unleaded economises on use of resources and boosts long-term development, it is being offered in gas stations at the same price as that regulated by the market.

Finally, Shell FuelSave Unleaded allows users to drive a few more kilometers from each liter, the exact extent of such gain being naturally subject to the general state of the vehicle and the style of driving.

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