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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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Mauritians to get MUA insurance in their proximity anywhere; anytime and on any device

Mauritians to get MUA insurance in their proximity anywhere; anytime and on any device

MUA, an insurance provider based in Mauritius, has adapted itself to technological innovations and is offering its customers modern services to be closer to its clientele with an online range of products to which they can subscribe instantly and pay on a 24/7 basis.

In an effort to adapt itself to technological innovations and to offer its customers modern services, insurance major Mauritius Union Assurance has brought about a major change in client servicing methods and marketing of insurance policies.

The group has decided to experiment away from the traditional methods currently prevailing in the sector. After the launch of a site last November, Mauritius Union returns anew with an online range of products.

Over a few years now, Mauritius Union has been offering online services. Today, customers can choose to subscribe online to four essential services: Click and Go (car insurance) I-go (travel insurance), Click for Life (life insurance) and Click for Home (house insurance).

These four products allow Mauritius Union customers to get the best estimates and to transact online with peace of mind.

MUA is the first Mauritian insurance group to invest in an interactive site and to market insurance products online.

The company has distinguished itself to stay state-of-the-art and get closer to an active and connected clientele.

Bertrand Casteres, CEO of the company, notes: “Mauritius Union is offering more innovative products to improve delivery of services and to be closer to the insured public. MUA is  one of leaders in insurance in Mauritius, we have to be on the lookout for innovation and modernization and we shall not stop here. Nowadays, digitalisation of services is an essential strategy for a company. Besides simplicity of use, it is really time saving for our clients that connect, consult or subscribe to our offers at any time and get support of their choice without having to move to an agency. Our teams know how to develop their roles further and consider customer services in a different light. For these reasons, Mauritius Union is using all possible resources to remain a privileged partner of Mauritians.”
These new online platforms of product delivery embody the positioning of the Group to adopt a customer-centric approach that places the customer at the heart of the company.

On Mauritius Union’s website, two novelties were designed, always giving more choice and flexibility to its users: “Quick Quote” for an estimate at record time or “personalise your quote”, or more still, “decide your payment facilities”.

New visual codes, a whole range of services, a new look and innovative products are now available.

“Click and Go”, one of the key services of the group and the oldest, has seen an evolution as well. The optimized “Click and Go” service is classified into two categories “Car insurance Excellence” and “Car insurance Main part” to cater to the needs of everyone.

In line with the dynamism of the company, this new platform joins a vast program of website renovation introduced last November. Mauritius Union has created for all Mauritians a service titled “Carfidence”, an intelligent tool to allow them to determine the real value of their vehicle.
Thanks to this tool, Mauritius Union intends to eliminate any errors in valuation of a vehicle.

This advantage will be all the more critical to car owners when it is a question of signing or renewing their automobile insurance policy.

With “Click for Home”, Mauritius Union offers to its customers convenience in asking for an estimate in a single click in a simple, confidential and secure way. Mauritius Union adapts estimates to the needs of its clients. Information exchange in respect of best practices, in particular for the data privacy of customers, allows them to target expectations and needs of its subscribers.

Mauritius Union’s new platform is expected to bring simple and effective services to clients’ doorsteps.

From now on, clients can complete claim forms from their mobiles, tablets or computers, and attach with it the required documents.
“Claims Online”, for instance, avoids clients the effort of the usual travel while allowing for a fast processing of their files.
Other innovations are in course of being brought in, such as the introduction of new products to offer the complete range of Mauritius Union products.

By offering customers the facility of migrating to the internet, Mauritius Union wants, eventually, to accelerate e-commerce and to make this participative movement more widespread by being among the first ones to contribute to a change in consumer behavior in the field of insurance.

Accordingly, to launch the new platform, Mauritius’ Minister of good governance Roshi Bhadain was present at the event where he congratulated MUA on its initiative which is in line with the government’s vision to ally finance with technology – two key sectors of the economy.

He also highlighted that the government has allocated Rs 225 million towards the national innovation program under which 350 WIFI posts will be installed across the island by December 2015. Accordingly, during the minister’s visit to India, there was much discussion pertaining to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and the National Stock Exchange of India for creating a trading platform in Africa. On 18th August, delegates from the NSE will come down to Mauritius to discuss the same.

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