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AfricaMoney | May 4, 2017

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Mauritius’ ABC Global Management Services eyes markets in Africa

Mauritius’ ABC Global Management Services eyes markets in Africa, Asia

The company, part of the financial services cluster of ABC group, comprising ABC Banking Corporation and ABC Capital Markets among others, has finalized a two-year expansion plan. (Image: Gvpedia)

Mauritius-based financial services major ABC Global Management Services is eyeing new markets in Asia and Africa even as it diversifies its service proposition.
The company, hailing from the financial services cluster of conglomerate ABC Group, has fine-tuned a two year plan which lists the steps needed to reposition the company in its current and potential business lines.
The expertise acquired in the last ten years of its operation will help realize this medium-term plan, while taking into account expectations of international investors and the national development strategy for operations in Africa.
ABC Global Management Services has successfully attracted more customers than last year, and the company is poised to get new prospects from international partners.
Shammeemkhan Abdoolakhan, the new general manager of ABC Global Management Services, said that the company wants to be considered a one-stop-shop in order to effectively respond to requirements of international investors.
Consequently, it is time to have a strategy to reposition the company in terms of sectors, products and markets.
The master plan is expected to breathe new dynamism into the company as it explores new growth paths.
The director stated that the financial services major is recruiting new competences with the aim of developing a variety of new products.
The company plans to set up a selection of supporting products among which primary is the creation and management of “family offices” to bring more substance and depth to private asset management operations.
With Mauritius seen as an important platform to structure the transfer of capital towards African economies, the company is targeting investors in the Middle East and Asia, mainly China and India.
In addition, ABC Global Management Services will take advantage of the synergies of the group to ensure a smooth expansion of its business lines.
The ABC group comprises of several business segments, among which the major ones are ABC Banking Corporation, ABC Capital Markets, leasing and insurance operations.

Company Profile
ABC Group
The ABC Group was founded in the early 1930s as a trading entity. Today, the group is a mammoth conglomerate that is well reputed for its high quality of services, cutting-edge innovation and constant diversification.
ABC Group’s strong track record of expansion and diversification has made it one of the leading business organisations in Mauritius.
The company is now ranked 24th in the Top 100 companies of Mauritius by Business Magazine and among the 137 biggest business organisations of the Indian Ocean according to Eco Austral Magazine.
With more than 80 years of operations and backed by renowned international brands, product and services, the ABC Group of Companies consists of more than 20 companies clustered in 5 main divisions: Automobile, Banking, Financial Services, Foods and Shipping & Logistics.
The ABC Group operates in the offshore financial sector through two companies, ABC Global Management Services Ltd. based in Mauritius, and ABC International Services (Seychelles) Limited, based in Seychelles.
Source: Company Website

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