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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Mauritius’ ABC Motors gets big crowd together on Open Day for Nissan crossovers

Mauritius’ ABC Motors gets big crowd together on Open Day for Nissan crossovers

The first edition of the Open Day dedicated to Nissan crossovers by ABC Motors, which happens to be Nissan’s Exclusive Dealer in Mauritius, was a resounding success with around 200 people attending, and allowed the company to confirm increasing interest being shown by Mauritians in crossovers.

Mauritians showed great enthusiasm, participating in large numbers in the first open day held for crossover Nissans by ABC Motors Ltd at its Gallery at Phoenix.

About 200 people were able to test drive the crossover cars from a range of vehicles presented by the exclusive dealer of Nissan in Mauritius, comprising new crossovers such as Qashqai Nissan, Juke Nissan and X-Trail Nissan.

The program also included test drives on an urban circuit which allowed the participants to get acquainted with the typical comfort of vehicles under the Nissan label, as well as try cross-country routes where each participant was better able to appreciate the maneuverability of crossovers in extreme situations.

For Nitish Gungabissoon, Senior Manager at ABC Motors, this first edition was “a big success.”

He noted:“It allowed us to confirm our opinion that Mauritians are taking an increasing interest in crossovers. The public welcomed the opportunity to obtain information on each of the three models presented.”

The New Juke, more elegant, more sporty and more intelligent, pushes the limits of urban crossovers. Its high box line, sturdy wheel track and back-concealed door handles underscore the daring design of this unique Crossover.

The New X-Trail is known for its easy handling, its generous off-road capabilities and an amazing capacity to adapt to cross-country travels. The model comes in two versions: 2.0 L gasoline engine running on the latest technology in auto transmission (CVT) and the other being the 1.6L diesel turbo engine that offers six gear shifts under manual transmission.

New Qashqai Nissan is available in 4 models and two versions: 1.2L turbo gasoline and 1.6L diesel turbo. Coupled with a manual transmission offering easy switching between six speed ranges, power is easily transmitted to the front wheels and allows for a comfortable ride and economical upkeep of the car.

It may be noted that ABC Motors is the exclusive dealer of Nissan in Mauritius. The company was founded in 1985 and stands out as a leader in automobile distribution in Mauritius. The dealer has positioned Nissan as a popular vehicle brand with the most automobiles sold for sixteen consecutive years. ABC Motors forms the automobile cluster of the ABC Group that is a Mauritian conglomerate which has invested in arrange of activities spanning across from food, freight and logistics to banking and financial services.

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