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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Mauritius’ auto dealership Leal stands out in premium car segment in Reunion Island

Mauritius’ auto dealership Leal stands out in premium car segment in Reunion Island

Mauritian automobile dealership Leal & Co Ltd, which took the BMW-MINI franchise to Reunion in October, 2013,is seeing a continuous increase in sales, with 2014 figures speaking for themselves and showing clearly that the company’s presence in Reunion is not a directionless adventure but a truly well planned investment.

Mauritius’ Leal and Co Ltd has taken the Reunion Island by storm. Indeed, since the automobile dealership took the BMW-MINIfranchise to the French island in October, 2013, sales have been constantly on the rise.

The figures speak for themselves. In 2014, the dealership sold 657 cars comprising 506 BMWs and 151 MINIs. Between January and June this year, over 314 BMWs and MINIs combined were sold.

Leal Reunion is currently based in St Pierre and St Denis, with the showroom in St Denis poised to move to bigger premises lying a few hundred meters away from its current location by the end of 2016, in order to meet the growing needs of its clientele.

“Since 2013 when German manufacturer BMW decided to confide the reins of its network in Réunion to Leal, the sales of BMW-MINI have continuously increased. Figures clearly show that our presence in Reunion is not a matter of happenstance but a truly well planned investment. One of our core objectives is to contribute to the economic development of that island, “notes Eric Leal, Chief Executive Officer of Leal.

The showrooms of Leal at Reunion combine the best of elegance, brightness and modernity. The showroom at St Pierre boasts an exhibition space with swanky new cars covering huge expanse of 723 square meters and an exhibition space for second-hand cars across 900 square meters.

The St Denis showroom is less spacious, motivating Leal Reunion to move towards a bigger site by the end of 2016. Reflecting the true spirit of luxury that BMW stands for, the new site will play host to a 1000 square meters showroom capable of housing 10 BMWs and 5 MINIs.

“In-line with our approach to emerge as leaders in the premium automobile segment in Reunion and to meet the growing requirements of our customers, we wanted to invest in a new showroom, which will cost about 8 million Euros. The construction of this new showroom, which promises to be one of the most aesthetically designed premises across all of Reunion, will begin in September, “highlights Vivian Serret, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Leal.

Leal Réunion counts 73 employees. On June 30th, 2015, it turned in Euro 44 million in revenues with a 144% rise in profitability over 2014. In terms of sales-break up, BMW Series 1 and 3 take the lion’s share, followed by X3 and X1, and then finally, Series 2.

MINI Cooper D Hatch registers the best selling rate for the British-origin brand. Besides, the success of the Leal Reunion dealership is also attributed to the outstanding synergy between the Reunion team and that of Mauritius.

Finally, Leal has recently engaged a trainer approved by the German brand for technical training of employees in Reunion and Mauritius. The esteemed trainer will divide his schedule between the two islands, and is regularly invited to Germany for updates on the latest BMW-MINI car models.

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