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AfricaMoney | August 23, 2017

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Mauritius: Banque des Mascareignes’ 10th anniversary signals lasting presence

Mauritius: Banque des Mascareignes’ 10th anniversary signals lasting presence

The bank is relocating its headquarters from Port Louis to Ebene and its CEO, Philippe Wattecamps, unveiled the architect’s model for the new building ‘Tour Maeva’ which will be operational from January 01, 2015. (Image: Cecilia Samoisi)

Banque des Mascareignes celebrated its 10th anniversary in Mauritius yesterday, November 27, 2014, at the Château de Labourdonnais at Mapou, using the occasion to signal its long lasting and continuing relationship with the island economy.

The event was graced by a prestigious audience comprising the who’s who of the banking world, and included the Bank of Mauritius Governor Rundheersing Bheenick; First Deputy Governor Yandraduth Googoolye and Second Deputy Governor Issa Mohamad Soormally.

Taking advantage of the occasion, the new Chief Executive Officer of ‘Banque des Mascareignes’, Philippe Wattecamps, unveiled the architect’s model for the bank’s planned new premises, Tour Maeva, which will be situated in Ebene.

The ‘Tour Maeva’, which symbolizes durability, will house the new head office of ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ and is expected to be operational on January 01, 2015.

“With the construction of the Tour Maeva in Ebene we want to concretise our enduring presence on the island, and at the same time, to reiterate our promise of always being on hand to serve our clients,” Philippe Wattecamps said

“We have a rich history and have seen great growth in Mauritius. Now, our objective is to be more present on the local market than ever before, through an expansion of our services, and no longer be perceived as a niche organisation,” he added.

The ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ will usher in several innovations in 2015, notably at the level of its information system, and, at the same time, undertake the renewal of its ISO certification.

Making the opening speech was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ and Chief Executive Officer of ‘BPCE International Outre Mer’ (BPCE IOM), Philippe Garsuault, who agreed with Philippe Wattecamps’ remark concerning the durability of ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ in Mauritus.

According to him ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ has contributed greatly to the financing of the Mauritian economy by being the first banking major from the Euro Zone to operate not only in Mauritius but also in the Indian Ocean, notably Mauritius, Reunion Island and Madagascar.

He also noted that ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ wants to be more responsive and listen closely to what its customers have to say.

In order to enhance the proximity of the bank to its customers, he stated that ‘Banque des Mascareignes’ needs to be present in both worlds, the Physical and the Digital, with focus on the latter as most of their clients are now online.

Finally, delighted with the cooperation of the BPCE Group in the Indian Ocean, in particular in Madagascar, the latter remarked on the possibility of an extension of the BPCE IOM network on the African continent.

- By Cecilia Samoisi

About Banque des Mascareignes:

Banque des Mascareignes is the only French bank present in Mauritius. With its network of 12 branches, and a currency exchange counter at the airport, it offers a range of banking products and services to individuals and businesses.

Thanks to the international network of Groupe BPCE, customers can benefit from Natixis services, which assists them in their international trade operations, international finance and derivatives deals for mitigating their risks on interest rates and changes. The Private Bank’s products and 1818 Bank Wealth Management are also available to customers of the Banque des Mascareignes.

Banque des Mascareignes also offers the option of opening current and savings accounts in Mauritian rupees and in all major foreign currencies. Banque des Mascareignes also operates a subsidiary in Madagascar.

Apart from the international network of Groupe BPCE, Banque des Mascareignes also supports its customers in their regional expansion thanks to active synergies with its sister banks in Reunion and Madagascar.

Source: Company website

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