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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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Mauritius flag rises in preliminary round of Bakery World Cup

Mauritius flag rises in preliminary round of Bakery World Cup

The LMLC orgainsed a press conference on the 22nd of April to proudly announce that Mauritius has been selected to compete in the Bakery World Cup (Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie) upon successfully defeating challengers in the Louis Lesaffre Cup. (Image:Wazna Gunga)

The Mauritian team successfully made its way to the Bakery World Cup with the support of Les Moulins de la Concorde (LMLC), making it through the preliminary round titled ‘Louis Lesaffre Cup’ at Istanbul (Turkey) on 14 April 2015.

Among the five teams who went head to head during this 4th edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup, Turkey and Mauritius stood out during the required challenges, held across several rounds such as Baguette & World Breads, Viennese Pastries & Gastronomic Bread Making and the Artistic Piece.

The Mauritian team made a grand impression, with Sabeer Hookoomally (Bread), Ludovic Gopaul (Viennese Pastries) and Maneeram Santaram (Artistic Piece) creating products that left the jury speechless.

At each international selection opening, the team will introduce a young person that they have coached for a demonstration. It is here that Mauritius’ Florian Raymond won the “Young Bakery Hopefuls”  whereby he was highly praised by the Jury President, Pierre Zimmerman, who said that this assures the continuity of the bakery segment.

According to Catherine Ahnee Gouérec, the representative from Les Moulins de la Concorde (LMLC), it is the rigorous work of the team and their coach, Laval Sophie, that paid off. It may be noted that LMLC organised the national selections on the island.

In addition, Laval Sophie stated that, ” the resounding team result is the fruit of collective work where the pre-selected people were invited to work in the training centre of the LMLC, and were trained intensively with the aim of making their participation fruitful.”

She added that it was a first for the participation of a team from among the Indian Ocean islands, answering the invitation of France Export Cereal to take part in this prestigious competition.

Mauritius not only notched a first by taking part in such a competition, but has also done itself proud by bagging a place at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie which will be held during the Europain show at Paris Villepinte, from 5th to 9th February 2016.

The team also had the privilege to be advised by various international trainers, particulary Olivier Magne and Joel Defives, who are both “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France en boulangerie” – translating into the best artisans of France in bakery.

In conclusion, this event win will allow Mauritius to be placed on a global footing in the bakery world and make the country cuisine known far and wide, by emphasising on local food and elements of Mauritian culture. This could ultimately result in a big fillip to food tourism in the island economy.

About la Coupe Louis Lesaffre :

The competition started in 2003 whereby candidates demonstrate their bakery talent, exposing hidden talent in the process.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup always aims to be the prime bakery competition that reflects the bakery trends of today – and the future. As such, it must evolve with each new edition. The other competitions in the cycle will evolve in its wake.

An expanded jury: In addition to a jury composed of 4 bakery experts who will score the candidates on the technical standard achieved, the jury will now have new elements: a nutritional advisor (non-scoring) and a “press” jury formed of two members (non-scoring): one food critic and one mainstream press journalist.

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