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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Mauritius hosts the first Brand Magic Summit; long live the magic of brands!

Mauritius hosts the first Brand Magic Summit; long live the magic of brands!

The first edition of the Brand Magic Summit was held in Mauritius on 21 May 2015 and gave participants key insights from the best in the branding business to help guarantee that their brand remains consistent, strong and relevant, and allowed participants to figure out the way forward for building & sustaining a successful brand. (Image: Company)

The first edition of the Brand Magic Summit in Mauritius was held on 21 May 2015, with a panel of international experts sharing their insights on the Magic of Branding and all the key elements that go into the building of a powerful Brand.

This unique summit depicted the core branding and marketing concepts for Brand Marketers who were able to grasp the latest updates, insights and fresh perspectives on branding.

The event was organised by Mind Initiatives and held at the InterContinental Resort, Balaclava, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, as well as a panel of recognised international experts namely: Ryan Germick, Head, Googles Doodle Team, the USA; Anantica Jija Singh, Head of Product Management Core Google Search UI and Googles Trends, the USA; Piers Schmidt, Director Luxury Branding, the United Kingdom; Sumit Roy, Director Univbrands Ltd, India; Alvin Teoh, Executive Creative Director Naga DDB, Malaysia and Teodora Migdalovici, Cannes Lion Ambassador,Romania.

This summit gave participants key insights from experts in the business to help them guarantee that their brand remains consistent, strong and relevant, besides providing them with a forum for networking and giving them access to an interactive discussion panel.

Fundamental questions, such as— How does one develop a long lasting Brand?; How does one build, sustain and profit from Branding?; What are the basic principles or building blocks of Branding?; What does one’s Brand stand for? — among others, were threshed by experts for the benefit of the participants.

The main objective of the one-day summit was to expose participants to the concept, theory, live examples and applications of branding.

Piers Schmidt of Luxury Brands, UK, set the tone for what emerged as the mantra for the summit —People-Centricity —and, accordingly, at the centre of his presentation were the People themselves.

Ryan Germick spoke of user delight which is an expectation crafted to exceed expectations, and he provided different lessons in terms of, “think of what it means for the user” and “respect people and your brand will be okay.” He also provided lessons around building a world of brands where people get ‘delighted’ more often. He also highlighted that it is a business imperative to serve society, where the brand’s profit can only be derived from the brand’s purpose.

Anantica Jija Singh brought to light the endearing story of how a well-rounded childhood in India helped her grow from an intern at Google to currently, the head of Product Management for Google’s Core Search Interface.

Teodora Migdavolici kept the audience engaged with the story of how her own personal identity emerged as communism crumbled in Romania when she was a teenager. There were several learnings from her experience and her key takeaway was that brands do not need to be perfect —and imperfections might in fact endear brands to people.

Alvin Teoh brought to the table a human approach to brand-story telling. He highlighted that it is people who make the brand, not just the product or service provider. “Genuinely care for the people your brand wants to serve and they will even forgive product and service imperfections,”he stressed.

Finally, Sumit Roy spoke about common sense, noting that all people are born with common sense, and it is just about developing this sense over time. He also highlighted the concept of the ‘prosumer’, who are potential consumers of tomorrow, and must not be neglected at any cost.

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