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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Mauritius: SBM awards 10 scholarships to needy students; 400 to be given in 2015

Mauritius: SBM awards 10 scholarships to needy students; 400 to be given in 2015

From Left to Right: Chief Executive Officer of MCCI, Toriden Chellapermal; Head of Corporate Banking at SBM, Aslam Taher; President of MCCI, Sebastien Mamet; Trustee- SBM Educational Fund, Mangayah Ramanjooloo; and Trustee- SBM Educational Fund, Komal Gujadhur.(Image: Cecilia Samoisi)

SBM, the second largest bank in Mauritius, has granted 10 scholarships to brilliant but needy students at the MCCI Business School and the Mauritius-based financial major is poised to distribute 400 scholarships in all this year.

SBM, together with the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), held a press conference in the latter’s headquarter in Port-Louis yesterday, 05 March 2015, to announce the distribution of 10 scholarships to brilliant but needy students who are furthering their education at the MCCI Business School.

The recipients of the scholarships will have to enrol for a two-year program (BTS) in the following fields; IT, Management, Marketing, International Commerce and Communication.

By making education and the empowerment of those in needs its main focus, SBM hopes to bring about a meaningful change in society and take the country forward according to Aslam Taher, the Head of Corporate Banking. He went on by saying that the bank believes in an “equal and diversified society”.

The Mauritius-based financial major aspires to become the largest provider of scholarships in the country. In fact, since its launch in 2010, 1500 scholarships have been awarded under the “SBM Scholarship Scheme”. This year, the bank will give out 400 scholarships.

Other speakers included Sebastien Mamet, the President of MCCI; Torden Chellapermal, CEO MCCI Business School; and SBM Educational Fund Trustees, Komal Gujadhur and Mangayah Ramanjooloo.

Students who wish to apply for scholarships granted by the SBM Bank to the MCCI today have until June 30 2015 to submit their applications, but first and foremost they have to meet a set of criteria.

The applicants are expected to hold either a well-graded HSC or Baccalaureate and aged below 25 years. They should be a citizen and resident of the Republic of Mauritius. Additionally, the household revenue of the candidates should not exceed Rs 15,000 monthly.

Further, these scholarships are also applicable to the students of Rodrigues and the Scattered Islands, which will in addition, attract an annual plane ticket as well as a rent allowance of Rs 5,000 per month across the duration of the studies.

It may be noted that the MCCI Business School, opened in 1985, is the first private tertiary institution of the country. The establishment delivers French national diplomas.

- By Samirah Mamode

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