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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Mauritius sees tourist arrivals up 10.6% to 291329 for the first quarter of 2015

Mauritius sees tourist arrivals up 10.6% to 291329 for the first quarter of 2015

From January to March 2015, France, Reunion, UK, China and South Africa maintained their places in the top five, in the given order, with 76149, 40113, 25957, 22498 and 20665 tourists respectively.  (Image: )

 Mauritius welcomed 291,329 tourists over the period from January to March 2015, which represents a rise of 10.6% over the corresponding period in 2014 when 263,293 tourists visited the island, according to the international travel and tourism report by Statistics Mauritius released on May 20, 2015.

Besides the report also shows that passenger traffic in general increased by 9.6% to 386,069 with  the main mode of transport being by air, where arrivals increased by 8.2%, while arrivals by sea rose 22.8%.

For the first quarter of 2015, the age category of tourists ranged mainly between 30-49 years and 17% of tourists who visited Mauritius were aged 60 years and above, whileamong those who arrived by sea, the proportion was much higher at 56%.

Besides, for March 2015, the number of tourists visiting Mauritius stood at 96,595, representing an increase of 9.8% over March 2014, and showing a robust rise on a month-on-month basis.

To compare, in February 2015, 91,128 footfalls were registered, which translates to a 15.4% increase over February 2014.

For the first quarter of 2015 as compared to 2014, France and Reunion maintained their first and second position as the main source markets with 76,149 and 40,113 tourists respectively, UK again claimed third place with 25,957 tourists.

It is to be noted that Sweden and Finland also contributed to this growth by bringing in some 4,800 additional tourists, thanks to direct flights from Stockholm and Helsinki.

Coming to the main contributors to the island economy’s tourism sector between January 2015 and March 2015, Statistics Mauritius registered 169,129 arrivals from the European market, of which 55,796 tourists came in the month of March 2015 alone.

The three main contributors on the European market from January to March 2015 were France, UK and Germany with 76149, 25957 and 19160 footfalls respectively.

Moreover, for the African continent, visitors between January 2015 to March 2015 were at 68,437 after an increase of 4.9% over the corresponding period in 2014 when tourist arrivals stood at 65,215.

The main contributors on the African Market were the French territory of Reunion Island, continuing to be the main source of income to the island economy with 13,128 tourists for March 2015, followed by South Africa at 7,160 and finally Madagascar, with 953 tourists. From January to March 2015 as well, Reunion, South Africa and Madagascar dominated with 40113, 20665 and 2565 footfalls respectively.

From Asia, 14,449 tourists entered the island economy in March 2015, which represent an increase of 22.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2014; while over the longer period from January to March 2015, 45949 tourists came to the island economy from Asia, growing 18.4% over the corresponding period in 2014.

China and India were the main contributors from the Asian market with 22,498 tourists coming from China from January 2015 to March 2015 and 15,732 tourists from India during the same period.

As many as 5,500 tourists came to Mauritius in March 2015 from China, and India sent 5,120 tourists to Mauritius for the same month.

Other contributor for the year till March 2015 were Oceania at 3,331 tourists, showing a rise of 12.6%, while only 4,177 American tourists visited Mauritius, representing a decline of 5.5% over the January to March period this year.

Meanwhile, the report also showed that there has been an increase in tourist arrival for sports related reasons by 48.6% for the first quarter of March 2015 compared to 2014, while tourists in transit reduced by 9.6%.

Finally, according to the Bank of Mauritius, tourism earnings for the year 2015 are forecasted at around Rs 48,500 million.

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