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AfricaMoney | August 21, 2017

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Mauritius sees tourist arrivals up 4.3% till July 2014

Mauritius sees tourist arrivals up 4.3% till July 2014

A revival in European arrivals and continued enthusiasm of Chinese tourists for the island economy boosted arrivals to Mauritius to 572,632 from January to July this year. (Image:

Mauritius tourism got a much-needed boost, with overall visitors going up 4.3% to 572,632 till July this year, compared to 549,038 in the corresponding year-ago period, spurred mainly by a revival in European arrivals and continued enthusiasm of Chinese tourists for the island economy.

Statistics Mauritius data from January-July 2014 showed that tourist arrivals from mainstay Europe especially increased by 2,945 visitors, or 1%, to stand at 304,405 tourists in all.

For the month of July 2014, the number of tourists visiting Mauritius showed an increase almost across the board by a higher-than-average 5.9% to 81,935 tourists against 77,374 visitors in July 2013.

But the rise was seen most especially in the traditionally strong European market which showed an increase in tourist arrivals by 2.3% to 38,110 footfalls for the month, compared to 37,260 European visitors in the year-ago period.

The top three European countries which contributed the most to tourists travelling to Mauritius were France, United Kingdom and Germany, in that order.

However, although France sent the greatest number of travelers to the island economy, for the seven-month period, the visitors were down 4% to 133,674 over 139,224 in the year-ago period.

Meanwhile, United Kingdom saw a stellar rise of 10% to 57,574 from January to July 2014, while Germany witnessed a significant rise of 2.3% to 32,621 visitors over the same period.

Furthermore, the island’s Extended Africa strategy appears to be paying off as the rising continent showed an increase of 0.8% to close at 152,970 compared to 151,786 last year for the year to date from January to July 2014.

The top three African countries which contributed the highest number of travelers to Mauritius in the year to date were Reunion Island, with 84,270 tourists over 83,821 last year, South Africa with 47,691 travelers compared to 46,994 last year and finally, Madagascar, albeit with a reduced figure of 6,920 travelers against 7,492 last year.

Besides, Asia continued to build stronger bridges to the island economy, as the number of Asian tourists rose a whopping 25.6% to 95,347 for the January to July 2014 period compared to 75,930 for the corresponding period last year.

For the Asian market the two biggest players were China and India, contributing 38,512 and 37,686 tourists each, representing a rise of 80% and 2.9% respectively.

Finally, Oceania (comprising primarily Australia and New Zealand) and America sent 9,736 and 9,771 tourists to Mauritius each, compared to 10,272 and 9,039 visitors last year.

In the American bloc, US saw a 20% rise in tourists to 4,031, while Canada followed close behind with a 12% rise to 2,819 travelers.

Overall, 1,030,000 tourists are anticipated to arrive in Mauritius and tourism receipts are forecast at Rs 44,550 million by the Bank of Mauritius for the full year.

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