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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Mauritius sees year-on-year inflation fall to 0.2% at the of end of December 2014

Mauritius sees year-on-year inflation fall to 0.2% at the of end of December 2014

Prices rose slower in the island economy as milk, rice, fuel and personal care goods showed a downward trend on the consumer price index. (Image: Development Progress)

Mauritius’ year-on-year inflation rate fell to 0.2% in December 2014 from 0.9% for the previous month, according to data released today by Statistics Mauritius.

Accordingly, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which stood at 105.9 in November 2014, fell to 105.5 in December 2014.

The main contributors to the change in the index between November and December 2014 were: vegetables and other goods and services which increased by 0.3 and 0.1 points respectively, while all others decreased in line with the fall in the index. Thus, milk was down 0.1 points, trader`s rice 0.1 points, ‘Other food products’ 0.1 points, Gasolene 0.3 points, Diesel 0.1 points and ‘Goods for personal care’ 0.1 points.

Finally, the sub-indices for the twelve divisions of consumption expenditure for the month of December 2014, compared to November 2014, registered a decrease of 0.4.

The items within the sub-indices which showed a decline were as follows: alcoholic beverages and tobacco decreased by 0.5% to be set at 115.8 at the end of December 2014; Furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance were down 0.1% to 102.0;  Transport dipped 2.4% to 102.6; Communication 0.2% to 98.9; and finally, Miscellaneous goods and services went down 1.2% to 103.9.

On the other hand, a slight increase was registered under the following divisions: Food and non alcoholic beverages up 0.2% to be set at 104.7 at the end of December; Clothing and footwear up 0.7% to 111.8; Health up 0.9% to 111.0; Recreation and culture up 0.5% to 105.4 and Restaurants and hotels rose 0.4% to 113.1.

There was no change in the categories of ‘Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels’ as well as ‘Education’, which remained steady.

Finally, headline inflation for the twelve months ending December 2014 also came down to 3.2%, compared to 3.5% for the twelve months ending December 2013.

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