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AfricaMoney | August 21, 2017

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Mauritius’ SKC Surat extends Food Lovers Market network to Shell filling stations

Mauritius’ SKC Surat extends Food Lovers Market network to Shell filling stations

With the objective of meeting the needs of a clientele that is always on the move, Mauritius-based fresh fruit and vegetables wholesale major, SKC Surat, launched its elite fruit and vegetable store under South African franchise Food Lovers Market (FLM) at the Floréal Shell filling station, yesterday, 13 Nov 14. (Image: Supermarket)

What if your gas filling station could also be a pit stop for gourmet food, grocery shopping and more? This is what Mauritius’ leading firm for wholesale and distribution of fruits and vegetables, SKC Surat is seeking to achieve, in partnership with Vivo Energy Mauritius.

The fresh fruit and vegetables wholesale major yesterday launched its elite fruit and vegetable store under the South African franchise Food Lovers Market (FLM) in Floréal with the objective of meeting the constantly evolving needs of a clientele that is always on the move.

After the overwhelming success of the four previous stores of Food Lovers Market on the island, the concept was reproduced with the same creative and innovative approach to offer to the customers a unique experience in purchasing fruits and vegetables, shopping for grocery products and catering to their gourmet food needs.

Thanks to its partnership with Vivo Energy Mauritius, SKC Surat will benefit from a strategic location at the heart of Floréal, situated in the boulevard of Floréal next to Avenue Sivananda, which is seen turning into a crucial crossroads for Mauritius.

According to Kiran Juwaheer, Managing Director at Vivo Energy Mauritius, this partnership is a first for the island and will allow SKC Surat to establish itself in strategic locations alongside Vivo Energy Mauritius, whose network of Shell filling stations represents tremendous potential for Food Lovers Market outlets.

“By joining the renowned franchise of Food Lovers Market, we renew our commitment to improve our range of secondary services, giving a great start to our strategy of locating shops in our filling stations,” he pointed out.

Spread across an area of 200 square meters, the Food Lovers Market of Floréal will offer an excellent mix of its flagship products in fruits and vegetables, as well as a range of gourmet products recently conceived, which also benefit from the local expertise of SKC Surat.

For the inhabitants of Floréal and its surroundings, this newly opened outlet will meet the need to shop for essentials on the move - an emerging need which SKC Surat management has been able to identify with the perspicacity characterising them in their other ventures as well.

Additionally, the Food Lovers Market at Floréal will offer a catering service, which will cover the three classic meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, with opening hours that will be in line with the increasingly flexible schedules of the Mauritians and expatriates in the region.

Besides, a niche space will also be dedicated to gourmet grocery products with a special section for gourmet gifts. The in-store services tie in well with the mission of SKC Surat to provide its customers with the option to purchase fresh products in a pleasant, healthy and attractive environment, replete with professional and pleasant customer service personnel.

“Our collaboration with the international franchise Food Lovers Market brought the expertise and the know-how in the large-scale distribution of fruits, vegetables and other grocery products to the island,” said Shyam Surat, President, SKC Surat.

Besides, Mauritians have already developed lasting loyalty for the concept of fresh fruits and vegetables popularised by Food Lovers Market since its inception, and are aware that the value for money offered to them through this format is unrivalled on the island.

This store launch also acts as a kick-off for the extension of the outlet into other Shell filling stations on the island.

In the course of his speech, Shyam Surat also thanked Mike and Brian Coppin, his two South African associates, for their contribution in the development of the franchise Food Lovers Market on the island.

“We hope to continue the adventure with Vivo Energy by implementing other stores in strategic regions and bringing fresh, various and healthy products to Mauritians,” Shyam Surat concluded.

Finally, after Floreal, SKC Surat plans the opening of approximately ten similar stores in other regions of the island, starting with the Artillery Shell filling station next to the barracks in Port Louis, which is planned to be opened within a month.


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