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AfricaMoney | November 6, 2016

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MCB sponsors Mauritius Trade Finance Conference; recent survey shows Mauritians as mobile internet users

MCB sponsors Mauritius Trade Finance Conference; recent survey shows Mauritians as mobile internet users

Mauritius will be hosting a conference devoted to international trade finance in October where MCB has the role of privileged partner; MCB has also released a survey showing Mauritians consuming the internet largely over their mobile phones.

Mauritius will be hosting a conference on international trade finance in October.

Global Trade Review will be organizing this prestigious event on 01 October 2015 where MCB will be a privileged partner.

The GTR conference will focus on the opportunities that Mauritius offers to international companies and traders, thanks to its strategic position between Africa and Asia.

Over the past few years, Mauritius has been transformed into a trading, distribution, re-export and logistics hub between the two continents to promote strong growth.

The country also serves as a springboard for companies seeking to engage in trade with African economies.

During the conference, various parties will assess efforts to consolidate the positioning of Mauritius as an International Financial centre and international trade hub.

Raoul Gufflet, Deputy Chief Executive, MCB, noted: “The MCB has a long and successful collaboration with GTR. We sponsor similar events to the GTR in Africa (including Cape Town, Nairobi as well as Ghana and Nigeria) for years and more recently we have been partners in Dubai and Singapore as well. This association is in line with our strategy and vision for the MCB, which is to be the engine of trade finance in Mauritius and the region. Through our ‘Bank of Banks’ initiative, we support African banks in their Trade Finance operations. We are also witnessing that Mauritian companies increasingly want to do business in Africa through our established network on the continent. ”

Moreover, the MCB has carried out a survey regarding connectivity in Mauritius. The report shows that Mauritians are addicted to their mobile phones and are quickly transformed into “mobile Internet users.”

The predominance of users using internet on mobile phones – either via a smartphone or a touchpad – is the trend that emerges from an online poll led from 6 to 23 February 2015 by the MCB.

“This exercise is aimed at understanding the use that we make of the telephones, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices that make up more and more of our everyday life. It allows us to highlight the regard in which Mauritians hold their electronic devices and to understand the profiles of the users,” explains StĂ©phanie Ng Tseung-Yue, Marketing Head, MCB.

The results show that smartphone owners use their devices almost continuously. The PC or the laptop computer is especially used during office hours and the touchpad at the beginning of the evening, with 85% of Mauritians in the 35 to 44 years bracket owning a smartphone.

Moreover, one Mauritian in two takes into account the market at the time of buying a smartphone, even if they are not necessarily faithful to it and 58% of Mauritians go on social networks through their smartphone at least once a day.

Finally, the survey was conducted basis a representative sample of 352 Mauritian adults.


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