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AfricaMoney | September 22, 2017

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MCCI Business Intelligence Solution gets right data to right person at the right time

MCCI Business Intelligence Solution gets right data to right person at the right time

In today’s challenging business environment, information is key and it is here that the MCCI Business Intelligence Solution provides insights into key trends to unlock new growth opportunities that help firms embrace strategic planning for business growth.(

Real competitive advantage in your market space is what the MCCI Business Intelligence Solution offers. Take the pulse of the market and increase your odds of success with the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s new business intelligence tool, which enables you to figure out a company in a few clicks.

Business Intelligence allows financial institutions to decrease the risk-taking quotient in transactions. By gaining better knowledge of the partners with whom they deal, companies can, for example, avoid payment defaults by such partners. In this context, the MCCI has recently entered into a partnership with the firm Ellisphere to offer Ellipro.

Ellipro offers access to numerous reports containing reliable and updated information on the entity, its shareholders, directors, subsidiaries, key figures, financial reviews, solvency and payments network of companies worldwide. A credit rating is also available in all the reports.

Ellipro boasts impressive statistics such as one report downloaded each second, 20,000 companies updated daily, 1,372,000 financial links, 712,000 payment experiences and availability of balance sheets meeting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In certain reports, detailed finanial analysis is also provided, with financial ratios built in to facilitate decision-making.

This service is available online and thus accessible anwhere and anytime. Reports on companies listed in the Ellipro database are uploaded online immediately. Besides, the user can also order more detailed reports offering specific information on a company.

Ellipro thus allows companies to save time and resources in analyzing sophisticated financial statements by proposing a complete solution. It makes available detailed financial information simply on the click of a button.

Ellisphere, formerly known as Coface Services, is an international firm dealing in corporate information services. The firm is present in over 70 countries and has been in existence for over a century.

To get access to these reports, you will need to subscribe to the database and choose a suitable package that fits your requirements from the following link:

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