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AfricaMoney | August 21, 2017

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Medical tourism picks up momentum

Medical tourism picks up momentum

1st January 2013- Over the past few years Mauritius has witnessed unprecedented growth in the private healthcare sector. The presence of international players, namely Apollo Bramwell, Fortis Healthcare, Agarwal Eye Hospitals, Harley Fertility Centre, Challenge Hair, to name but a few, has helped enhance the standard of healthcare and transform Mauritius into a medical hub.

Government has always shown a strong commitment to the development of the private healthcare sector. The recent introduction of tax relief for medical or health insurance cover confirms that commitment. This measure will encourage an increasing number of people to have recourse to medical insurance and will create further demand for private healthcare and promote private investment.

The private healthcare sector can now boast state-of-the-art facilities and qualified personnel to cater for the growing national healthcare needs as well as those of the region. The island is slowly crafting a solid reputation as medical tourism destination.

In fact, an increasing number of foreign patients are travelling to Mauritius to seek medical treatment in niche areas which include cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery and procedures, fertility treatments, amongst others.

For 2012, the projected number of foreign patients travelling to Mauritius for treatment is estimated at some 21,000. Some 19,000 have been treated in multi-specialty clinics and more than 2,000 have received treatment in specialty centres. Around 34% of the foreign patients came for in-patient treatment while 66% came for out-patient treatment. This represents a 70% increase compared to 2011, when some 12,500 foreign patients were registered.

Source: Board of Investment, Mauritius

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