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AfricaMoney | August 22, 2017

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Meeting for salary compensation covers 3.5 lac private sector staff

Meeting for salary compensation covers 3.5 lac private sector staff

 Private sector workers at a textile mill in Mauritius (Source:

With inflation impacting the purchasing power of the average employee, countering the dent to a worker’s wallet is an important role of the government of Mauritius. On September 18, Vice Prime Minister Xavier-Luc Duval chaired the first tripartite meeting to determine salary compensation for private sector employees for 2014.

 The salary compensation decision is expected to impact around 350,000 employees in the private sector. The calculation of the monthly additional remuneration will involve the assessment of three factors: loss of consumers’ purchasing power, the rate of inflation, and job preservation. The committee determining salary compensation duly represents the three concerned parties – the government as well as employers’ and workers’ organizations.

While those working in the public sector have already been compensated, however, if the actual inflation rate for 2013 – currently estimated at 3.7% – turns out to be above 5%, public officers will be eligible for annual salary compensation.

Duval, who is also in-charge of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, said the government is ready for a dialogue with employers’ and workers’ representatives to determine compensation in line with prevalent economic trends.

He added that though there is recovery in the Euro Zone, an important trading partner of the island nation, yet the economic situation remains difficult as Mauritius is almost entirely dependent on international economic conditions, particularly in Europe.

Duval emphasized the resilience of the economy, posed to achieve a fair growth rate for the year 2013. He underlined that Government policies will continue to be guided by the general philosophy of supporting growth, employment, productivity and competitiveness, and combating poverty, with focus on reducing the unemployment rate, estimated at 8.3% in 2013.

He stated that the government would continue its effort towards diversifying the markets as well as addressing the constraints faced by some sectors which are showing worrying signs of slowdown.

Source: Government of Mauritius

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