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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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Microsoft & WIN unite to enhance Mauritian entrepreneurs’ productivity

Microsoft & WIN unite to enhance  Mauritian entrepreneurs’ productivity

Microsoft & WIN got 50 entrepreneurs together to announce the launch of the entrepreneur club with Microsoft’s mission being to enhance productivity across individuals and companies, by allowing SMEs access to technology facilities. (Image: Wazna Gunga )

Women in Networking (WIN) and Microsoft (Indian Ocean and French-speaking Pacific), have united over efforts to support Mauritian entrepreneurs.

They gathered around 50 entrepreneurs on 14 March 15 at Hennessy Park Ebene for a conference with the theme being “Connect, Network, Learn for greater productivity.” At the event, they announced the creation of an Entrepreneurs Club and a video flashback of the initiatives led by Microsoft in the last two years to help local entrepreneurs.

The conference marked the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, and the Ministry of Education, Human Resources and Tertiary Education.

The mission of Microsoft is to help every individual and company to be more productive. To succeed in their mission, the company has invested massively in Cloud technology, which allows SME to benefit from such technological facilities as in the past were only within reach of big organisations, because of their huge cost implications.

Under this framework of activities, Microsoft offer trainings and coachings to local SMEs where 57 start-ups registered for the BizSpark program, trainings of Digital Literacy were offered through the SMEDA to hundreds of entrepreneurs, and 40 teachers were trained in entrepreneurship, and, in turn, channeled their knowledge to 900 school children last year.

Caroline Koa Wing, Citizenship and Partners in Learning Project manager within Microsoft, states,
“Besides, with the support of WIN, a large number of Mauritian entrepreneurs benefited from the ‘Build Your Business’ training. At Microsoft, we believe firmly that we have a role to play to help entrepreneurs progress, and we shall continue to work in this way.”

Bruneau Woomed, Build Your Business (BYB) Master Trainer within WIN, highlighted the importance of the collaboration between the association and Microsoft.

“We are proud to be one of the partners of Microsoft since 2014 with the ‘Youth Spark Initiative’, which encompasses the pilot project of BYB. As many as 60 people have already benefited from this course which includes 14 modules intended for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as for those already having their own business.”

Kevin Sew, one of the beneficiaries of this training, is a Partner with Hodesco and is treasurer of the Entrepreneur Club. He stated, “At the university, we receive a technical or specific training in our field of expertise. In this particular case, mine is architecture and construction. Yet, we do not learn how to become a director of a company, for instance. The BYB training allowed me to discover the theoretical base of a business, taught me how to prepare a Business Plan and allowed me to set up a development strategy for my company.”

The objective of this club is to group all the entrepreneurs who want to collaborate to promote the entrepreneurship culture, make their skills better known and increase their network. The Entrepreneurs Club is in the course of registering with the Registrar Of Companies and is open to all.

Finally, there was a video shown during the event which highlighted testimonies from people who have benefited from the BYB training program.

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