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AfricaMoney | August 24, 2017

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MIoD presents innovative & effective tools for Mauritian businesses to succeed

MIoD presents innovative & effective tools for Mauritian businesses to succeed

To stimulate innovation in a company, numerous tools are available and accessible to favour the emergence of new methodologies.(Image: Industry Week)

The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD) organised a training workshop on September 30, 2014 at Clos St Louis, Les Pailles, presenting innovative tools to help companies develop new techniques to allow them to increase their sales and profits.

Intended for directors and senior managers of companies, the objective of the training proposed by the MIoD is to demonstrate that innovation is becoming an essential tool within management teams at all levels of a company.

The dynamism of existing markets favours competition and emergence of new markets. Consequently, the increase in the number of competitors leads necessarily to a decline in clientele.

To bolster their market share or even increase it, companies are required to have recourse to the permanent MIoD-FORMATION for innovation.

These tools of innovation consist of strategic methods and new processes, which help a company to become a benchmark for its peers.

In order to facilitate the process of innovation within a company, numerous tools are available and accessible to favour the emergence of new methodologies.

These easy and effective tools ensure fresh views for the company from its target market, whether it is with its customers, partners or competitors, and it also favours the strengthening of its service proposition, which boosts and enhances the existing activities of the company.

Finally, these tools allow lasting relationships to be forged with its clientele, especially by using the pervasive means and virtual reach capabilities offered by the Internet.

The instructor at the workshop was Maggie Gorse, who is affiliated to the MIoD, besides being an international consultant and director at Verlion Pte Limited, which is a specialised agency in training of executives and leaders of companies based in Singapore.

According to her, innovation is a difficult task that arouses much apprehension among employees, and it is a risky as well as unpredictable process, being as it is, a new venture.

The latter explained the importance of a toolbox that brings support to companies – by way of its easy and successfully experimented techniques – and is especially a boon to those companies which do not know where to begin or are worried about the cost of activities where the return on investment is difficult to foresee.

“These approaches help companies take required risks and pursue the process of innovation in a systematic and confident manner. It is also important to see innovation in the context of pursuit of existing activities, rather than as a major disruption to routine, which can be source of confusion and disturbance,” Maggie Gorse mentioned.

She added that many employees and administrators are afraid of change, so it is important for management to ensure that innovation must be carefully considered and smoothly implemented so that all organization members forge ahead together.

Maggie Gorse stressed on effective tools that are not expensive and serve to implement innovation at the heart of the company.

She used case studies to illustrate her comments by working on concrete examples that gave evidence to the theory of innovation.

“All real innovations and all deep changes engender deep resistances,” emphasized Jane Valls, CEO of MIoD and Chairman of the African Good Governance Network.

She added that in most companies, the changes consequent on the Internet Revolution are more simply assimilated than actually mastered, and the second revolution is the volatility of the customers; the Internet allowing them to reach multiple offers across the globe with a single click.

Finally, executives and directors were encouraged to find new lines of thinking to analyse their companies in order to better meet the needs of the market by reviewing the innovative tools that can help them.

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