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AfricaMoney | October 20, 2017

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National Remuneration Board recommends 16% increase in tourism salaries

National Remuneration Board recommends 16% increase in tourism salaries

A reduction in weekly work hours to 45 from 48 currently has also been recommended by Mauritius’ NRB for workers in the catering and tourism industry. (Image: Inmagine)

The National Remuneration Board of Mauritius has recommended a salary increase of 16% and reduction in weekly work hours to 45 from 48 currently.

A survey was carried out by the NRB to review the “Catering and Tourism Industry Remuneration Regulations 2004” and the report was released yesterday.

Another issue in the tourism sector concerns the different salary given to female and male employees and the report highlights that male employees earned an average around Rs 12,400 while female employees got only around Rs 7,250 per month because female employees are not willing to work late shifts due to family commitments.

On annual leave, the NRB recommended that annual leave be increased from 14 to 16 days and also observed that untaken sick leaves at the end of a period of 12 months, be accumulated to a maximum of 90 days.

On the maternity front, the board considers that maternity leave of 12 weeks on full pay be maintained and the maternity allowance should be increased to Rs 3,000.

The NRB also recommended that during cyclone warning class III or IV, employees working in such condition shall be entitled to an allowance equal to three times the basic rate in respect of every hour and shall also be provided with adequate meals.

The term ‘Overseas leave’ should be replaced by ‘Vacation Leave’ and an employee working 10 years with the same employer be entitled to one vacation leave of not less than 2 months to be spent wholly or partly abroad or locally at the employee’s discretion and at least one month of the vacation leave shall be with pay and where an employee intends to spend his vacation either partly or wholly abroad, payment shall be effected at least 7 days before he leaves.

On death grant, the NRB mentioned that Rs 3,500 should be maintained and it recommends that the eligibility period for gratuity at death be reduced to 5 years.

The overtime payment has also been reviewed and according to the survey overtime payment remains an issue which is faced by some employees in this sector because employees working on public holidays, do not receive the two times basic rate for the number of working hours.

Hence, in the report it is mentioned that the enforcement division of the Ministry is requested to closely monitor and ensure that the relevant provisions in relation to extra work and overtime payment within the catering and tourism industry is fully complied with by all employers.

The NRB concluded that a number of posts are not covered and it recommends the creation of new categories such as ‘animal keeper,’ ‘delivery person,’ ‘guide,’ ‘kid’s club hostess,’ ‘hairdresser,’ and ‘spa therapist.’

This survey was carried out based on a sample of 49 establishments in Mauritius and eight establishments in Rodrigues where interviews were held with some 765 employees in Mauritius and 57 employers in Rodrigues.

Employment in the tourism and catering industry grew from 26,300 in 2002 to 40,300 in 2012. The workforce in the industry is represented by 68.6% male and 31.4% female employees. The sector tends to employ more male than female employees because of the nature of the work performed and the industry’s requirement for uneven hours of work.

A report will be submitted to the Ministry of Employment and the industrial relations by the NRB for the final recommendation as soon as this exercise comes to an end.

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