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AfricaMoney | May 4, 2017

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Net foreign assets up 20% to Rs 137.6 bn in April: Bank of Mauritius

Net foreign assets up 20% to Rs 137.6 bn in April: Bank of Mauritius

Mauritius’ monetary base rose mainly on the back of an increase of Rs 9.4 billion for ‘Liabilities to Other Depository Corporations’ on a yearly basis, followed by an increase in ‘Liabilities to other sectors’ by Rs 199.8 million and higher currency in circulation by Rs 1.5 billion. (Image:

Net foreign assets of the island economy increased by 20% over a year to reach Rs 137.6 billion in April 2015; however, compared to March 2015, net foreign assets dipped by 1.5%.

This data was released on 14 May 2015 by the Mauritius’ central bank in its annual survey for the period April 2014-April 2015.

These comprised the increasing trend of claims on non-residents, which reached Rs 137.6 billion in April 2015 against the corresponding 2014 figure of Rs 115.0 billion, while liabilities to non-residents pursued a declining trend to stand at Rs 89.9 million.

Next were domestic assets, which are disaggregated as Claims on Other Depository Corporations, Net Claims on Central Government, and Claims on Other Sectors.

Claims on Other Depository Corporations were at Rs 2.6 billion, lower than Rs 3.5 billion in 2014, while net claims on the central government increased by Rs 4.8 billion to stand at negative Rs 22.7 billion in 2015 against negative Rs 17.9 billion in 2014, reflecting a decrease in Central Government deposits at the Bank of Mauritius.

Claims on Central Government stood at Rs 3.6 billion and Deduction of liabilities to Central Government of Rs 26.3 billion were registered, against the corresponding figures of Rs 6.5 billion and Rs 24.4 billion for 2014. Finally, claims on other sectors and monetary base amounted to Rs 371.5 million which rose drastically by 113.4% over last March 2015 and 134.0% on annual basis upon higher claims on the private sector.

Concerning the monetary base, it continues to maintain its upward trend to strengthen to Rs 75.2 billion in 2015 compared to Rs 62.0 billion in 2014. Its main component, namely currency in circulation, was at Rs 26.7 billion in 2014, lower than the 2015 figure of Rs 28.9 billion. As for liabilities to other depository corporations and liabilities to other sectors, the figures improved to Rs 46.1 billion and Rs 106.2 million in 2015.

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