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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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One in four Web users now on Chrome; which finally passes 25% market share

One in four Web users now on Chrome; which finally passes 25% market share

Google has finally achieved the distinction of grabbing a quarter of the market share in the browser space with Chrome; however, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser globally with 55.8% market share, while Mozilla’s Firefox continues to slip further down from its place, making it a distant third.(Image: )

According to the latest figures from Net Applications on the browser market,Microsoft’s longstanding browser, the Internet Explorer, continues to capture the largest market share with 55.8%. The Internet Explorer is followed by Google’s Chrome with a 25.7% slice of the browser pie, while Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Scandinavia-based Opera’s browser by the same name end up with market shares of 11.7%, 5.1% and 0.5% respectively.


In October, IE11 managed to surpass IE8 to become the world’s most popular browser, and the gap continues to widen. This new trend became possible when Windows XP, whose users can’t upgrade past IE8, started to lose significant share. As a result, IE11 can now grow unchallenged, until, of course, Microsoft Edge, the latest browser recently unveiled by the tech giant, finally arrives on the market.

Google’s Chrome gained 0.69% points this past month, ensuring that it surpassed the 25% mark for the first time ever, with the most popular version of its browser being the Chrome 42 which captured 7.69%,while Chrome 41 slipped 1.80%, and Chrome 40 fell 5.56 points. Older versions will continue to plummet as the latest version takes over, as is typical with Google’s numbers.

Mozilla’s Firefox has been hitting new lows for months to fall to a 11.7% market share and and it is very close to hitting the low of 11.6 % in February, however, Firefox’s built-in upgrade system continues to work well, with  Firefox 37 grabbing 6.12 points to hit 6.45 %.

It may be noted that Net Applications uses data captured from 160 million unique visitors each month by monitoring some 40,000 websites for its clients, thus measuring user market share with great accuracy.


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