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AfricaMoney | October 19, 2017

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Pan-African advertising agency The Jupiter Drawing Room forays into Mauritius

Pan-African advertising agency The Jupiter Drawing Room forays into Mauritius

Left to right: Fayaz Lallmahomed, Creative Director of The Jupiter Drawing Room (Mauritius), John Warsop, Managing Director of The Jupiter Drawing Room, Aisha Allee, director of The Jupiter Drawing Room (Mauritius), Graham Warsop, founder and chairman of The Jupiter Drawing Room, and Krishen Maurymoothoo, Senior Art Director of The Jupiter Drawing Room (Mauritius). (Image: Company)

The Jupiter Drawing Room, one of the largest independent agencies in the field of communication, marketing and advertising, has announced its expansion in Mauritius through a partnership with local entrepreneurs, including Mauritius-based PR major Blast Communications.

The Jupiter Drawing Room, which has won numerous awards around the world, was launched in 1989 in South Africa.

The partnership with Mauritian firms has led to the creation of a new agency called The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners (Mauritius), which is led by Aisha Allee, founder and director of Blast Communications, and two creative entrepreneurs Krishen Maurymoothoo and Fayaaz Lallmahomed, who are the new entity’s Senior Art Director and Creative Director respectively.

The combined experience of the three new partners spans several countries in the Indian Ocean, including Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar, and several African nations.

Graham Warsop, Founder and Chairman, The Jupiter Drawing Room, says, “Our expansion strategy in Africa is clear and simple. In each territory, we seek to partner with entrepreneurs who not only share our values but also our belief that innovative and integrated ideas can change the fate of companies and markets.”

“Our goal is to release the enormous creative and entrepreneurial potential in the African continent. Catalyzing this talent and leveraging lessons learned during our two decades of operation in South Africa, we hope to create a new type of integrated agency across Africa, combining efficiency, quality, creativity, technology and world-class know-how,” he added.

Aisha Allee, founder of Blast Communications, is the director of The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners (Mauritius), and also has a mandate to oversee the future expansion of The Jupiter Drawing Room in other countries in the region.

“Thanks to the collaboration between The Jupiter Drawing Room and Blast, companies can benefit from the synergies of public relations services and advertising. In this new configuration, Lekha Seebaluck who has long been my partner in Blast as Head of PR and Deputy Managing Director, will become the new CEO of Blast Communications,” says Aisha Allee.

In the future, The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners (Mauritius) will work actively with Blast Communications, a key player in the Public Relations space which was founded a decade back in Mauritius.

However, these two entities will build separately on their respective strengths to deliver value for their clients.

“We have long worked to maintain our independence and this philosophy remains at the heart of The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners (Mauritius) and Blast Communications. Although there is synergy in our services, we are two separate entities,” stresses Aisha Allee.

“The most important criteria for me has always been providing the best possible service to our customers, and this will not change with The Jupiter Drawing Room. Creativity, service and value creation for our customers are, and will always remain, at the heart of our business,” she concluded.

About The Jupiter Drawing Room:

The Jupiter Drawing Room is a group of agencies of communication, marketing and advertising founded in 1989 in South Africa.
Besides its offices in South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town), the group is also present in Zimbabwe (Harare), Malawi and Zambia.

About Blast Communications:

Founded ten years ago, Blast is one of the most important public relations agencies in Mauritius and is well entrenched in the Indian Ocean region, with operations in Seychelles and La Reunion.
Blast has an impressive list of local clients, such as GML and its affiliates, Terra, Grant Thornton, BDO, Phoenix Beverages Limited, Standard Chartered Bank, Microsoft, British Airways, Nespresso, Cim Group, LUX* Resorts, Constance Group, ENL Property and Bluelife Ltd, among others.

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