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AfricaMoney | September 22, 2017

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Phoenix Beverages traces new path with wine brand GR8 Cape

Phoenix Beverages traces new path with wine brand GR8 Cape

The leader of the Mauritian beverages market, Phoenix Beverages, has come up with a new addition on the market with the launch of their new wine range under “GR8 Cape”. (image: Company)

GR8 cape represents splendor and simplicity for all segments with the refreshing taste of fruits. This new wine range by Phoenix Beverages is affordable, accessible and practical with easy screwed cork opening.

As the name says, GR8 Cape is originally from South Africa but shows the characteristics of the Mauritian community, being youthful and cosmopolitan. This wine is available in red, white and pinkish.

This wine is targeted at young adults. The acronym of “GR8” (great) is being used to give a youthful touch to the product with fast-moving technology, for example social media.

Elodie Lagourgue, who is in charge of Koté Vins at Phoenix Beverages, speaks about the brand in these words: “GR8 Cape is a wine which positions itself as simple, unique, fresh and modern.”

“It is particularly targeted at the young generation which looks out for a wine that is simple, easy and accessible. There are events to which this wine is suited such as during a barbecue or having a great evening with friends or colleagues. GR8 is the ideal wine for such moments of happiness,” highlighted Senior Brand Manager of Phoenix Beverages, Joëlle Constantin Ramen.

With the help of social media, customers can share their happy moments on facebook on and also their taste discoveries. Joëlle Constantin Ramen mentions that “what can better than the digital ecosystem to communicate with the public and get connected”
PBL has created a network that is easily accessible to everyone. Incidentally, GR8 Cape is already on the market at an affordable price of around Rs 200.

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