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AfricaMoney | August 9, 2015

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Simple and personal emails key to winning mindshare of leads

Simple and personal emails key to winning mindshare of leads

Stand out from the crowd by taking time to craft simple, personal and thoughtful mails to stay in touch with your leads – and to further add value, you can choose a nice video to ask your leads’ opinion, keeping the conversation flowing as well as winning the mindshare battle.(

Today, fancy new email marketing systems like MailChimp abound, offering exciting features like beautiful formats, HTML and newsletter styles, among others.

But, the new marketing system becomes successful only if you are able to start a relationship with a complete stranger. However, normally such systems don’t work well with strangers. Why? Because they look like you’re trying to sell someone something.

What’s wrong with that, you ask, since the mail is about selling to strangers? Well, for starters, everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold. For example, in real life, think of it more like dating. Start slow and work your way up to meeting the parents. That means you have to take an entirely different and definitely more personal approach.

If you’re a real estate agent, your recipe for success in connecting with someone you’ve never met is to use the plainest emails you can write rather than automated ones containing prewritten, untargeted and spammy content.

A quick, short and original mail sometimes works best, and the trick is to keep it simple and personal.

When you come across a funny picture and think your friend would want to read it, you just punch in a quick sentence or two, add the link and send it off.

To make your emails to leads function in just the same manner, when you write the email, think to yourself, “What would I say if I were just saying hello to this person?” The whole point is to make the message look like a natural email between two people who like and care about each other.

Appropriate materials such as a YouTube video about things happening around your customers can add value to an email. Ask thoughtful questions such as “So, what do you think about this?” or “Is this helpful to you?” which can make the email work to sell your services, as well as cement the relationship. In addition, it can also act towards paving the way for following up, as people often can’t resist answering a simple and non-salesy question.

Good early shares can also include blog posts — especially to your blog — reports on market conditions, reviews of local businesses and amenities, or paraphrasing advice from a vendor or strategic partner and linking to their website for more information.

Win the mindshare battle by communicating with your lead as though you already know and like one another. This personalized style will make you stick out in their minds.  Sometimes, buyer and seller leads just pop out of the woodwork, as they respond to one of the simple and friendly emails that can lead to conversion flows from scratch.

Finally, to stand out from the crowd by making your leads stay in touch with you, the tip is to craft simple, personal and thoughtful emails that convince the receivers you have their best interests at heart and keep them in mind personally.


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