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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Square Meters promotes agri land purchase as safe investment for Mauritian professionals

Square Meters promotes agri land purchase as safe investment for Mauritian professionals

Property developer Square Meters Ltdis providing young Mauritian professionals with a long term investment opportunity that comes with a guaranteed yield, through the sale of  plots of agricultural land in its Rivea development in the Midlands region an attractive alternative investment amidst the current financial market uncertainties in Mauritius. (Image: Company)

Amidst the challenging and uncertain environment in the financial market, land can be an alternative investment option for people looking for valuable alternative assets to invest in.

At the moment, with the Mauritian financial market having been rocked by a Ponzi scheme upward of Rs 25 billion, an investment in agricultural land is likely to be attractive and reassuring, especially for first-time investors.

Accordingly, Square Meters Ltd, a property developer with its main line of activity being land and property development in Mauritius, is offering land of upto 20 perches in Rivea, Midlands, at an unbeatable price, posinga particularly attractive investment opportunity for young professionals.

In small countries with limited land area like Mauritius, investing in agricultural land can be a strategic investment option. Rivea is an agricultural development in the region of Midlands, a few kilometres off the main road and a few minutes’driveaway from the region of Curepipe, with about forty lots of 20 perches available currently.

Edouard Hart de Keating, a director at Square Meters Ltd, highlighted:“It is desirable these days to invest, as a first-time investor, or to intelligently diversify your investments, for those more experienced. Here, there is no asset safer than real estate. Mauritius being an island where the population is on the rise, land availability in plush areas is becoming rarer and rarer. This is not only true for residential land, but even agricultural land is now becoming difficult to find.”

“Rivea comes as a fittingresponseto certain demands, in particular by young professionals looking for a long-term investment. Towards Midlands, within a stone’s throw of the reservoir,  these magnificent lands, following the meanders of the river Eau Bleu, offer potential investors the possibility of safely securinglong-term profit,”he added.

“Situated in an ideal location next to the highway, between Curepipe and Nouvelle France, Rivea offers numerous possibilities to buyers who can use the plot of land as a plantation or for any other project which can help them realise profits on their investment,” he concluded.

Finally, it may be noted that the Rivea plots arelocated in the Midlands village with a population of approximately 5000, boast an attractive locationbetween Curepipe and Nouvelle France, and come with a guaranteed yield, given that land is an asset that appreciates in value.

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