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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Stock Exchange of Mauritius: Semdex and SEM-10 dipped by 0.72% each

Stock Exchange of Mauritius: Semdex and SEM-10 dipped by 0.72% each

On the official market, turnover amounted to Rs 407.1 million, mainly geared towards MCB Group and State Bank of Mauritius. (

Stock Exchange of Mauritius indices closed the week ended 07 November 2014 on a negative note with the Semdex and SEM-10 each losing 0.72% to reach 2,114.99 points and 398.81 points respectively, according to market highlights published by Axys Stockbroking.

During the past week, CIEL and the two major banks – Mauritius Commercial Bank Group (MCBG) and State Bank of Mauritius Holding (SBMH) – accounted for as much as 56% of the total market turnover of Rs 407.1 million (USD 13 million).

The banking sector saw MCBG falling this week as well, reaching a high on Rs 208.75before finally closing at Rs 206.50 with a total volume of 421,000 shares traded.

SBMH as well encountered a decrease from Rs 1.04 to finish at Rs 1.03 on 71.6 million shares traded.

In contrast to MCBG and SBMH, Bramer Banking saw an increase of 0.9% to Rs 6.68 on 74,500 shares traded.

In the insurance space, Mauritian Eagle Insurance (MEI) and Mauritius Union Assurance (MUA) gave up 0.9% and 1.3% to close at Rs 115.00 and Rs 74.00 on 20,200 shares and 2,400 shares respectively.

The commercial firms did not perform well either, with Compagnie Des Magasins PopulariesLimited (CMPL) dropping by 20% to Rs 20.00 on 1,200 shares; while ENL Commercial declined by 1.3% to Rs 22.50 on 2,100 shares and Vivo Energy fell by 2.2% to Rs 136.00 on 6,700 shares exchanged. Harel Mallac saw its Q3 2014 results boosted by a profit on disposal of its stake in Mauvilac Industries and there were no trades on the stock during the week.

In the construction sector, Gamma Civic dropped by 1.6% to Rs 47.50 on 22,100 shares.

Concerning the industrial space, Moroil increased by 1.9% to Rs 27.50 on 920 shares, and Ciel increased by 2.1% to finish at Rs 7.76 on a total volume of 8.7 million shares traded.

On the contrary, Terra went down by 0.9% to Rs 34.65 on notable volume of 259,400 shares traded while ENL Land (O) also fell by 2.8% to Rs 48.60 with 158,900 shares traded.

In the hospitality sector, New Mauritius Hotel (NMH) and LUX declined by 0.6% and 0.9% respectively to close at Rs 87.50 on 447,500 shares traded and Rs 57.00 on 494,100 shares.

Additionally, SUN dropped by 2.0% to Rs 46.00 on 159,100 shares and Air Mauritius too gave up 1.1% to Rs 17.60 on 1,600 shares traded.

Gaming major Lottotech closed unchanged at Rs11.30 on 443,300 shares traded while sugar major Omnicane shed off 1.2% to Rs 84.00 on 6,700 shares exchanged.

The top three performers of the week were eRAFI with 2.0%, Moroil with 1.9% and Bramer Banking with 0.9% increase in share value.

Meanwhile, the DEMDEX gained 0.1% to reach 203.18 points, primarily geared towards Ciel Textile which traded 514,100 shares and closed the week at Rs 38.80.

Phoenix Investment was the highest mover, gaining 5.8% to Rs150.00 on 1,000 shares, followed by ENL Ltd (P), which grew by 2.2% to Rs 28.50 on 103,300 shares traded.

Finally the top gainers for the week were Phoenix Investment with 5.8%, ENL Ltd(P) with2.2%, and Mauritius Cosmetics with 1.4%.

Axys Stockbroking noted that the bourse is expected to stabilize further, thanks to the “uncertainty” with regards to the date of the General Elections, which are now slated to take place on Wednesday December 10, having been eliminated.

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