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AfricaMoney | August 23, 2017

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Stock Exchange of Mauritius up 0.5% for the week ended December 26

Stock Exchange of Mauritius up 0.5% for the week ended December 26

Both the Semdex and the SEM-10 index gained 0.5% each to reach 2,070.30 points and 385.74 points respectively for the short trading week of December 26, 2014. (Image: Executive Magazine)

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius closed the short trading week of December 26, 2014 in a positive territory where both the Semdex and the SEM-10 index gained 0.5% each to reach 2,070.30 points and 385.74 points respectively, according to the weekly updates of Anglo-Mauritius Stockbrokers.

The total market turnover reached Rs 84.0 million, where foreign investors were net sellers to the tune of Rs 32.4 million, mainly due to sales across the banking stock MCB Group Limited (MCBG).

MCBG weakened further to close at Rs 198.00 (-0.3%) on total volume of 132.4k shares traded with foreign investors being net sellers to the tune Rs23.4 m on the largest banking stock.

State Bank of Mauritius Holdings Ltd (SBMH) also witnessed some weaknesses, declining by 1.0% to Rs 1.01 on 11.5 million shares exchanged.

Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd (BBC) was the only gainer among banking stocks, up by 3.0% to Rs 6.80 on 202.3k shares.

On the insurance counter, the Mauritius Union Assurance Cy. Ltd (‘MUA’) and SWAN were both gainers, rising by 3.3% and 1.5% respectively. Financial company CFS grew by 1.1% to Rs 9.00 with 354.5k shares exchanged.

On the commerce counter, ENL Commercial was the weakest performer, declining by 1.3% to Rs 22.00 on 5k shares.

Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL) recouped recent losses to close at Rs 113.00 (+0.7%) on 2.7k shares.

Gamma Civic was the top performer on the industrial counter, gaining 2.4% to Rs 42.00 on 4.3k shares. Other gainers included MOROIL and the United Basalt Products Ltd (UBP) which rose by 1.8% and 0.6% respectively.

Best performers on the investment counter were Caudan and ENL Land (P) which gained 3.2% and 2.2% respectively.

CIEL concluded the week at Rs7.40 (-1.3%) on a notable volume of 1.0 million shares. Promotion and Development Ltd (PAD) was the weakest investment stock, declining by 1.5% to Rs 97.00 on 11.4k shares.

Rogers lost 0.7% to Rs 27.30 on 67.0k shares. ENL Land (O) and Terra were down by 0.1% and 0.6% respectively.

Lottotech maintained downward trend, dropping by 0.5% to Rs10.75 on 35.7 k shares traded.

On the hotel counter, New Mauritius Hotels Limited (NMH) was the top performer of the week, rallying 8.0% to Rs 81.00 on 44.2k shares.

The other hotel stocks gained momentum as well. SUN Resorts surged by 4.7% to Rs 45.00 on 183.3k shares.

LUX gained 3.0% to Rs 60.25 on 54.4k shares traded. The national airline Air Mauritius moved up to Rs17.60 (+0.3%), with 122.8k shares traded during the week.

Bluelife for its part went down by 1.7% to Rs5.62 with 42.1k shares, whereas Omnicane fell by 2.4% to Rs 83.00 on 3.9k shares.

On the other hand, the Demex gained 0.1% to reach 201.06 points on a weekly turnover of Rs21.1 million, dominated by exchanges over Mauritius Freeport (MFD).

MFD witnessed a cross of 925.9k shares flat at Rs11.95 on Wednesday and ended the week at that level. Société de Développement Industriel et Agricole Limitée (SODIA) was the top performer on the market, rallying 10.0% to Rs 0.22 on 101.5k shares.

Compagnie des Villages de Vacances de L’Isle de France Limitée (COVIFRA) was the 2nd strongest performer, gaining 5.0% to Rs 7.14 on 5.0k shares. Ascencia (Class A Shares) gained 4.3% to Rs 12.00 on 3.0k shares.

ENL Investment Ltd (ENIT) and Excelsior United Development Companies Limited (EUDCOS) were the only decliners on the investment counter, losing 1.6% and 1.0% respectively. Hotelest and Constance Hotels Services Limited (CHSL) were up by 3.9% and 1.4% respectively.

Constance La Gaiete Company Ltd (CSE) was the weakest performer, down by 3.0% to Rs 143.50 on only 200 shares. Novus fell by 2.3% to Rs 8.54 on 50.0k shares.


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