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AfricaMoney | October 18, 2017

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SWAN reinvents itself at 160th Anniversary to accompany customers from cradle to grave

SWAN reinvents itself at 160th Anniversary to accompany customers from cradle to grave

The rebranding of the organisation to SWAN on the occasion of the group’s 160th Anniversary is aimed at placing greater focus on providing for and protecting customers, as well as helping them to progress and prosper, with the Mauritius-based insurance major assuring its clients’ financial freedom as it accompanies them from the cradle to the grave.(Image: Wazna Gunga)

Regrouping itself under a strong identity, Mauritius-based insurance major Swan Group has been transformed to SWAN, with the different heads of department conducting a media tour at the SWAN Centre in Port Louis, yesterday, 07 May 2015, where the four themes —to protect, provide, progress and prosper—were further elaborated.

These four keythemes, around which the new brand identity is centred,are referred to as the ‘pyramid of prosperity’by theGroup Chief Executive Officer, Louis Rivalland.

The rebranding of SWAN comes with a promise that says, “We protect and provide for the people so that they can progress in their journey and proper in their lives.”

The different heads of department at the new SWAN entity addressed the press on a media tour at the company where the four themes were further elaborated.Here, the SWAN platformserved as a one-stop shop to provide detailed information to customers or potential clients in order to protect customers from contingencies with insurance covers as well as providing them with the relevant policies that suit their needs.

This refreshing change of identity comes about on the occasion of 160 years of existence of the company, which traces its origins back to the Mauritius Fire Insurance Company Ltd.

With this unique identity, the various companies of the group see themselvesrenamed, without affecting the terms and the conditions of their polices and plans.

Swan Insurance Company Ltd will be known from now on as Swan General Ltd,while Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Ltd becomes Swan Life Ltd. It is the same for Anglo-Mauritius Investment Managers Ltd, rechristened Swan Wealth Managers Ltd; Pension Consultants and Administrators Ltd becomes Swan Pensions Ltd; and Anglo-Mauritius Stockbrokers Ltd is now Swan Securities Ltd.

It is to be highlighted that SWAN provided financial freedom to 141 family in Mauritius for an amount of Rs 36 million under Swan Life Ltd, as announced byKrystel Hee, claims managerat Swan Life Ltd.

To provide customers with better retirement prospects, Swan Pension Ltd has 800 pension plans in place.Besides, to enable customers to progress, Swan also provides financing solutions in the form of loans to customers who have taken an insurance policy with the company.

To grow and accumulate customers’ wealth towards prosperity, Swan Wealth and Swan Securities provide investment opportunities to corporate entities and individuals alike, with good advice that drives positive returns on their investment.

Finally,courtesy the sound business practices at SWAN,people can rely safely on the company’s reinsurance department to choose favourably-rated reinsurance companies.

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