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AfricaMoney | August 20, 2017

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Terra subsidiary Grays launches 20/Vin store in Flacq to be closer to East-based customers

Terra subsidiary Grays launches 20/Vin store in Flacq to be closer to East-based customers

Grays Ltd, which forms parts of Mauritian conglomerate Terra, inaugurated a 20/Vin store in Flacq to ensure greater proximity to its customers, and the new store boasts four experienced wine cellarmen to offer oenological advice to clients, besides offering home delivery services for enhanced customer convenience.

Terra’s wine and spirits retail brand 20 / Vin inaugurated its seventh shop in Mauritius on Thursday, 23 July 2015, in the heart of Flacq, to ensure greater proximity to its customers on the east of the island.

The four experienced wine cellarmen allocated to this new shop also offer seasoned oenological advice to customers, to help them choose brands that are most suited to their tastes.

Alain Vallet, CEO of Grays Ltd, highlighted: “Lescaves20 / Vin offers more than 300 brands of wine and over 150 brands of spirit from the four corners of the globe. With the launch of our seventh shop, we get closer to our customers in the east of the island. Besides offering greater proximity to our clientele, we complement our sales with enhanced services. For instance, to assist our customers in making their choice, we have experienced wine cellarmen who give them seasoned oenological advice.”

Alain Vallet recalled that the first outlet opened under the brand 20/Vin in Floreal dates back to the year 2000. After 15 years of existence, this brand continues to woo wine connoisseurs and amateur wine tasters alike.

At the Flacq outlet, home delivery services are available across Tuesdays and the opening hours are from 9 am till 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. Every Sunday and the holidays, the shop remains open till 16:00 hours and 13:00 hours respectively.

About 20 / Vin:

Lescaves 20 / Vin of Grays is distributed through the island and offers a wide selection of wines and spirits for all occasions. Stores run under the 20 / Vin brand are known for their wide range of products catering to everyone’s needs, as well as the seasoned advice given on-the-spot by a team of professional wine cellarmen on a range of topics such as glasses that pair best with different wines and spirits, and which wine would best suit the customer palate, among others.

The staff also provides regular information on current events in the world’s wine-producing belt, the organisation of tasting events and theme evenings, and initiations into the art of wine tasting. This plethora of services is complemented by a personalised phone service and home delivery facility.

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