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AfricaMoney | September 22, 2017

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Vivo Energy Mauritius wins award at Shell Smiling Stars event in Paris

Vivo Energy Mauritius wins award at Shell Smiling Stars event in Paris

Amidst the flags of various countries, the Mauritius flag flies high with Vivo Energy Mauritius’ representative Ziyad Mohit, Manager at the Shell Southern fuel station, accepting the award for Mauritius at the Shell Smiling Stars event that recognizes the global energy major’s best distributors.(Image: Company)

Ziyad Mohit, Manager of the Shell Southern fuel station in Surinam, represented Vivo Energy Mauritius at the Shell Smiling Stars 2015 event that was recently held in Paris.

Every year, Shell Smiling Stars recognizes the best distributors of Shell worldwide, together with acknowledging the most successful regional managers who contribute towards high levels of customer satisfaction.

This annual event is the star program for recognition of merit among distributors and is part of the performance management program titled “People make the difference”.

The event was centered around a French carnival theme with a warm welcome extended by the Executive Vice-President of the Shell Gas stations network, Istvan Kapitany. The event was also marked by the special participation of the Formula 1 Ferrari team, including racing champion Sebastian Vettel.

The event ended with the gala “Night of Smiling Stars” in the Invalides hotel.

Ziyad Mohit explains that the key message of the Smiling Stars event in Paris was to “take pleasure in making it work.”

“Creating a pleasant setting in gas stations, with a smile which lights up the faces of our staff members and customers daily, allowing us to deliver  better performance and provide satisfaction to our customers, is our key objective,” he added.

Ziyad Mohit noted that he owes this international distinction to the interest that he shows in staff training and recognition of key team players.

“We introduced productivity bonuses for our collaborators whose sales exceed their individual objectives and who supply quality services,” he explains.

Kiran Juwaheer, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius, explain that the relations that Shell (acting through Vivo Energy Mauritius) establishes with managers, quality experts and gas station attendants, rests on robust foundations reinforced over 110 years now.

“We put all out efforts to strengthen our partnerships and reward the performances and contribution of our gas stations. This creates a bond of confidence and mutual interest. We make a commitment daily to work closely with our managers, develop our networks and best meet the needs of our consumers.”

Finally, it is to be noted that, this year, the Shell Southern gas station celebrates 50 years of existence and 50 years of loyalty to the Shell brand.

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