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AfricaMoney | September 21, 2017

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Vivo Mauritius appoints Ruben Bacha as Shell brand ambassador

Vivo Mauritius appoints Ruben Bacha as Shell brand ambassador

Leading Mauritian fuel distributor Vivo has chosen Ruben Bacha of Ruben Racing Ltd as its brand ambassador for the island, the motorist having distinguished himself with his outstanding performance at the Shell Fuel Save contest to notch a record of3.7 litres fuelfor a 100 km course, placing him close to world rally champion Carlos Sainz’s 3.6 litre record.

Vivo Energy Mauritius, a leading distributor of Shell fuel and lubricants on the island, has appointed Ruben Bacha as its ambassador for the newly launched Shell Fuel Save in Mauritius.

Indeed, Ruben Bacha, director of Ruben Racing Ltd and a well-known face in the auto racing and rally universe, was the unanimous choice of Vivo Energy Mauritius to be its face on the island economy.

“The Shell brand is present in Mauritius since 1905 and we have always been privileged to partner Mauritian motorists. We chose to confide the Shell Fuel ambassador’s role to Ruben Bacha because of his supreme knowledge of mechanics, both in the two-and-four-wheeler automotive space, “notes Kiran Juwaheer, Vivo Energy Mauritius’s Managing Director.

“This tie-up also makes intuitive sense for both brands as his company is the sole agent of Ducati in Mauritius, which is prestigious brand partner for Shell,” he added.

Besides, Shell recently invited its ambassadors to a workshop at the Shell Technology Centre of Hamburg, Germany, which is one of the five cutting-edge research centers of Shell globally. The emphasis has been placed on the new Shell Fuel Save launched on June 30, 2015, in Mauritius.

Ruben Bacha distinguished himself from other ambassadors with an outstanding performance during the Shell Fuel Save contest. He used only 3.7 litres of Shell Fuel Save for a 100-km stretch, while the record held by world rally champion Carlos Sainz is 3.6 litres for the same distance.

“I am satisfied with my performance in Hamburg where I was able to realise a score not far from that reached by Carlos Sainz in 2013. Besides, as an ambassador of the Shell Fuel Save brand, one of my priorities will be to share my experience and practical advice with other motorists,” said Ruben Bacha.

“People will be amazed to see how good choice of fuel, small changes in driving habitsas well as simply maintaining their vehicle in good condition can help them notch big savings in fuel consumption, “Ruben added.

A Chartered Accountant by training, his love for mechanics was sparked in 1999 when Ruben Bacha left the country to study in London. Fascinated by mechanical sports, he used his spare time in London to discover the world of auto racing and rallies. Returning to the country in 2006, he created Ruben Racing Ltd.

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